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Selling on Amazon, contrary to the perspective held by many, is no walk in the park. To succeed as a merchant, you will need to engage with your customers actively. Seller communication and client feedback are integral to the success of any seller looking to make profits on Amazon.



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A bit more about Amazon Feedback & Reviews

What is an Amazon Feedback Tool?

In case you are not aware, approximately 90% of prospective clients on Amazon tend to read reviews before deciding to transact with a particular merchant. If your account has poorly managed or negative reviews, then chances are you have already lost a large percentage of would-be clients.

Luckily, you have Amazon review management tools to help you monitor and manage your ratings. Most satisfied clients rarely leave reviews meaning that if you don’t take extra caution, you will be left with only negative reviews, which translates to the loss of more prospective clients.

Premium Amazon review management tools give you control over the reviews and feedback, as well as the ratings you receive on your account. If you have positive reviews and ratings, then your chances of winning the buy box increase exponentially.

How Do They Work?

Amazon feedback tools help retailers send automated emails, receive notifications about either positive or negative reviews, and enhance the customer’s shopping experience. The feedback tools allow you to customize or create message templates that will be sent to clients in a bid to get you more feedback on your site.

The automated tools help you to analyze your sales, customer base, and customer satisfaction, among other important factors.

Once you purchase or subscribe to an Amazon feedback tool, the system will notify you of any client activity related to your products. This, in turn, helps you issue out faster responses, especially when it comes to negative feedback from dissatisfied clients.

In essence, the Amazon feedback tools, help you to optimize your site better by promoting client feedback and notifying you when you need to take immediate action to avoid negative ratings and reviews from flooding your site.

Why Should You Use an Amazon Feedback Tool?

The importance of positive feedback on Amazon can’t be overstated, especially since Amazon relies on reviews provided by clients to rank listed products. If you have a large number of positive reviews frequently streaming on Amazon, then chances are your rank will continue to increase, leaving you well placed to outdo your competition.

Amazon feedback tools help you get the feedback you need to boost your Amazon account. Waiting for client feedback to come in naturally might not be such a good idea, especially considering that almost 90% of clients leave reviews.

Aside from helping you improve your ranking, feedback tools also help in making your site more appealing to clients. As we mentioned earlier, clients are more often than not inclined to purchase products that are listed in positively rated accounts.

Did you know that Amazon review tools help increase your customer-interaction levels? Clients love a site that appears credible and one that responds to concerns. Amazon review tools will notify you whenever feedback is left, allowing you to either send an automated response or customize a unique response.

Although Amazon review tools will not prevent you from receiving negative feedback from disgruntled clients, it can help you address concerns. The tools notify you immediately, allowing you to reach out to the client. Negative reviews can help your customer reviews appear legitimate since 100% positive reviews might create the impression that your reviews are fake.

The best way to handle negative reviews is through responding to them, and Amazon review tools help you in doing just that.

What Are the Best Features in Amazon Feedback Software?

Automated Messages

The whole idea of using Amazon review tools is to improve your overall engagement with your clients. Due to this, you should look for a review tool that allows you to send automated emails to clients to promote products, solicit feedback, and provide additional product information.

Some premium tools allow you to customize your message or create templates that can be used to either handle negative reviews or solicit customer feedback.

Buyer Feedback Notifications

Amazon loves sellers with both high rankings and customer engagement rates. You should go for Amazon feedback tools that notify you immediately when you receive customer feedback, whether positive or negative. The more you engage and actively communicate with your online customers, the more credible and trustworthy you will appear to prospective buyers.

Message Analytics

To make the most out of your Amazon review tool, you will need one that can analyze the data to help you understand how clients respond to your emails. Be on the lookout for premium tools that notify you when people unsubscribe, the click-through and feedback rates, and how many people open the messages.

Such information will help you strategize your email marketing campaigns and align your goals with client preferences. The knowledge of how many people open your emails will help you understand your clients and how to approach them.

Blacklisting Buyers

Knowing the clients who chose to opt-out of your emails will help you avoid spamming their mailboxes, and as a result, maintain a professional relationship. Always go for Amazon review tools that allow you to blacklist clients who opted out of your emails.

Remember, just because some clients might opt to unsubscribe from your mailing list doesn’t mean that they won’t buy from you in the future. This means that you have to handle the contacts responsibly to avoid losing potential return customers who don’t like receiving promotional messages.

Email Templates

When looking to add an Amazon review tool to your marketing arsenal, it is advisable to settle for tools that have several templates. Clients can tell recycled or generic messages without even blinking. As a result, you need to be extra careful to ensure that your emails appeal to clients as opposed to annoying them.

We recommend going for tools that have customizable templates that will allow you to tweak the message with ease. Most free Amazon review tools have limited templates that often achieve little to no results.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a highly convenient feature that allows you to compare the performance of two separate emails. This implies that you can send out one email to a set of clients and a separate email to another set of customers and later examine which one did well in regard to customer responsiveness.

Such a feature is crucial for people with large customer bases as it helps determine the best marketing and emailing strategies.

What to Consider When Buying Amazon Review Tools

Ease of Setting Up

Whether you have experience in using Amazon review tools or it’s your first time trying the software, it is crucial to buy a product that is easy to set up and use. Complicated review tools will only make it harder for you to improve your response rate and analyze the available data.


It goes without saying that cost is a huge consideration when it comes to Amazon review tools. If you are a large-scale Amazon merchant, we recommend purchasing review tools that come with subscription plans as they normally come with additional tools and editors.

For small scale sellers, it might be wise to try out free Amazon review tools and only upgrade if you find the tools to be insufficient. Premium tools come with additional services and will cost you more, but if you operate a small Amazon business, then you can consider settling for the less costly options.

Free Trials

We recommend trying out Amazon review tools that allow free trials. With several review tools to choose from, trying out several free options will help you to determine the option that suits your business best.

Don’t shy away from trying out as many Amazon review tools as possible. Doing so will guarantee that on top of learning the best option for your business, you will learn how to operate such tools and develop a much-needed understanding of how such systems work.

Customer Support

Although not all Amazon review tools provide active customer support, it is crucial to choose tools that come with customer support features, especially if it is your first time using the feature. With a support feature on your side, you will learn to operate the tool fast enough without wasting any time or resources.

Our Verdict

To improve the performance of your Amazon account, you will need to have impressive response rates as well as positive reviews. The number of Amazon merchants is increasing rapidly by the day, meaning you will need to position yourself strategically to fight off the stiff competition.

If you want to increase the overall reviews on your site, then we recommend trying out an Amazon review tool as it will help you manage and monitor your ratings. Be sure to consider factors such as cost, message analytics, and templates before settling on a particular option.

While free or low-cost options work best for small merchants, you will have to pay more to acquire a highly-rated tool if you sell your products in large quantities.

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