Best Amazon Product Research Tools

1 Viral Launch
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Viral Launch

  • Listing optimization tool to help write keyword-rich listings
  • Professional product photography and copywriting services
  • Paid service for them to launch your product on Amazon
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Providing automation, results and visibility for Amazon sellers
Viral Launch takes sellers from product discovery to listing and “launching” products for sale on Amazon. New sellers and experienced sellers can choose from four software packages that best suits their needs to do it all themselves. However, Viral Launch also has many extra add-on and managed services. Sellers can pay to have VL launch their product for them, manage their advertising campaigns and write and photograph their products.
  • Product research results are presented in an easy-to-read format
  • Real-time PPC data for you to make better advertising decisions
  • Highly rated customer service team with quick responses and great follow-up
  • Data presented through some features may be complicated to decipher to new Amazon FBA sellers
2 Seller.Tools
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  • Prizm: uses actual Amazon data for your product research
  • TSI+ and Pulse: utilize live traffic to find the best keywords for your listing
  • ReviewAble: see the review eligibility of any ASIN
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Utilize Amazon data to grow your business
Powerful. Intuitive. High-Impact. A few words that describe Seller.Tools, a platform that uses actual Amazon data to help Amazon FBA sellers optimize their stores. Seller.Tools is a complete package with keyword management, customized product search filters, PPC management tools, and dozens of additional premium features.
  • Manage unlimited number of products under one account
  • Product alerts and changes in real time
  • Intuitive keyword and listing manager
3 Seller Labs
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Seller Labs

  • Gives data-driven advice on advertising
  • Can improve the number of positive product reviews and customer feedback
  • Makes inventory and financial reporting simple
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Powerful seller tools to help you do more
Seller Labs was created to help Amazon sellers solve their problems and save them time. There are four powerful tools in this software bundle, each hitting on the most important aspects in FBA selling: keywords, sponsored products advertising, product discovery and inventory management.
  • Generates easy-to-read reports from complicated data on ads, keywords and search terms
  • Can automate buyer-seller communications in up to eight Amazon marketplaces
  • Helps sellers find new products and gives price and fee calculations and sales estimates
  • No repricing tool
4 Egrow
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  • Millions of products scanned daily
  • features: product database, live Amazon scanner, saved searches, product tracker, keyword and niche research, reverse ASIN search, rank tracker
  • Basic version is free to use
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Analyze products and markets to find success
Egrow is a tool that Amazon sellers can use to get data on millions of items. The data is collected and displayed in easy-to-understand graphs and charts to help sellers make the right decisions on what products to sell. Time spent investigating each market and product is reduced. Egrow is targeted at all sizes of business, and the free version makes it possible for sellers who don’t have a lot of extra money to take advantage of the software.
  • 90 days of product history changes available
  • Scans keywords in real-time
  • Request data on a product if not already in Egrow’s tracker
  • Best plan starts at just $28/month
  • It's not available in Japan, Mexico or Middle East marketplaces
5 AMZScout
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  • Discover products with low competition and high demand
  • Look at the number of sellers researching a niche
  • Historical sales data on any item, including competitor listings
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Helping sellers find profitable products
AmzScout assists Amazon sellers in finding profitable products to sell. Users of AMZScout can get statistics on any product sold through Amazon, track sales by competitors and tracks sales history of any product to find trends and niches. There are lots of extensions and add-ons to make AMZScout a more comprehensive toolkit for sellers.
  • Provides information about a product’s demand, potential seller-competition and a product’s potential profitability in a simple way
  • Accurate profit calculator
  • Add-ons and extensions available for more in-depth product information
  • Not a comprehensive software for sellers; focuses on product research only
6 InventoryLab
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  • Stratify: web-based software for researching, listing, inventory tracking, accounting and reporting
  • Scoutify: mobile sourcing app that can be used on multiple devices
  • Complete accounting and reporting tools–no need for a separate software like Quickbooks
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FBA business solutions from the industry-leading and industry-standard company
InventoryLab is a listing service (Stratify) and sourcing app (Scoutify). Stratify helps sellers find profitable products; navigate the complicated FBA listing and shipping requirements; access their complete accounting and financial information; manage inventory; and generate comprehensive reports on all business aspects. Scoutify is a mobile app that gives sellers the information they need to make the best product-buying decisions. One Scoutify account can be used by multiple users so sourcing can be outsourced. InventoryLab has everything sellers need to solve common problems.
  • Automatic import of all historical data; ability to export it at any time
  • Generate reports on profitability; profit and loss; and sales tax
  • Outsource prepping, packing and shipping to a third-party vendor who can access your InventoryLab account (financial information not visible to third-party)
  • Must have a Pro Seller Amazon account to subscribe

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