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  • Targeted for all types of online businesses: retail, arbitrage, private label and dropshipping
  • Multiple repricing algorithms: Get the Buy Box, Sales Velocity, Compete with Featured Merchants and Compete with Lowest Price
  • Can be used with Amazon, eBay and Walmart
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Repricing tools for online sellers to stay competitive
Informed is a repricing platform that gives online sellers a competitive edge. Users of Informed can take advantage of either the many preset repricing algorithms offered or can custom build their own repricing strategies. Informed produces data that can help online sellers make decisions to drive profits, improve workflow, manage order fulfillment and more.
  • Build-your-own repricing strategy option
  • Pricing summary and activity timeline make it easy to see why a change was made
  • No limit to the number of repricing strategies users can create
  • 13 Amazon marketplaces supported

Affiliate marketing is one of the most tempting ways to make a profit online. You don’t need much to start your affiliate marketing program  only a good marketing strategy, solid network, some money, and most importantly, web presence.  

If you want to venture into this e-business area, you should look into finding a good website builder. This will save you time and money that you would otherwise use to develop a website from scratch 

The following article explains how to find the best website builder for affiliate marketing and why it’s such an appealing option. 

Why Do You Need a Website Builder? 

Imagine having the brightest e-business idea and the means to realize it. You have the product, marketing strategy, and even potential clients. But the thing that you need the most is web presence.  

You can use social media or other tools to promote your online business, but a good-looking website is what makes a serious entrepreneur. Until recently, entrepreneurs paid hefty amounts to web developers and designers to create their websites. However, this is not the case anymore. 

A website builder is a convenient tool that allows you to create your own website without any (or little) knowledge of web development and coding. It’s a user-friendly way to design a website to your preferences and tastes. You get to pick the template and the theme, add plugins and integrations, and choose where your content will appear on the page.  

Of course, companies with more complex front-end and back-end requirements should always turn to professionals to create their websites. On the other hand, the website demands for affiliate marketing should be much simpler. 

Perks of Using a Website Builder for Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a tempting business. Almost 15% of the total digital media advertising profits are thanks to this branch of e-business. The experts project the yearly marketing spending on affiliate marketing to continue rising by 10% on a yearly basis in the US. This means that the spending will reach almost $7 billion dollars per annum in the next few years.  

With the new marketing challenges and strategies appearing all the time, it’s not easy to stay in the pole position. You need to manage your time and your business simultaneously in addition to following new trends and staying on trackThis is where website builder can prove invaluable. 

These are some of the most important upsides:  

  • Saves you time and maintains your website on its own 
  • It’s user-friendly and easy for visitors to navigate 
  • Themes and templates are designed to appeal to the visitors 
  • You can set it up easily and focus on the business aspect  
  • You don’t need to know web design or web development 
  • All the software and content-management tools are built-in 
  • It’s equipped with SEO tools  
  • It won’t cost you a fortune  

Overall, it would be a good idea to turn to website builders while you’re building your affiliate marketing franchise. However, finding the best website builder for affiliate marketing can be challenging.  

The majority of website builders come at a price. Although it isn’t as expensive as developing a website from scratch, you still need to pay for hosting and the service fee. If you aren’t satisfied with the features, you’ll end up losing money. In the following sections, we will focus on the most important factors when it comes to website builders for affiliate marketing. 

Ease of Use  

The best website builder for affiliate marketing needs to be extremely user-friendly. This includes you (a website designer), but more importantly – your visitors (potential customers). 

A website builder that’s easy to master will save you a lot of time and give you space to experiment with design and, at the same time, it should allow the visitors to navigate it easily.  

To make the website more appealing to visitors, you need to work on the design and optimization of the website. However, if you want to make it easier for yourself, your website needs to have the following: 

Drag-and-Drop Designer 

Every serious website builder needs a convenient editor, preferably with a drag-and-drop designer. Such interactive builders allow you to click on your potential website’s element and drag it to any place that you want. If you prefer, you can completely leave some elements out.  

Option to Simply Add/Remove Elements 

Adding widgets (plug-ins), integrations, and other tools should be a piece of cake with a website builder. A good website builder should allow you to add and remove such elements easily – usually with a few simple clicks. There will be more talk about these elements later. 

Easy to Learn 

Some website builders tend to have a very steep learning curve. However, they often do not offer much more than their easytolearn counterparts. You should always start out with a website builder that provides you with all the necessary basics. Later on, you can switch to a more powerful tool. 

Live Customer Support 

When you leave website updates and maintenance to a third-party service (such as website builder), you can save a lot of time and money. On the other hand, what happens if you encounter an error or the website goes down? Thankfully, best website builders have non-stop live support and you can ask them anything, anytime.  

Design and Optimization 

A modern, interactive, and visually compelling website will attract more visitors to your page – thus, more potential customers to your affiliate partners. The best website builders have various design features that you may implement.  


A good website builder doesn’t need to have a huge number of templates, but they should be well-made and highly customizable. If you can customize font, boxes, widgets, and other page elements, you can make hundreds of different web pages with the same starting template.  

Some builders offer hundreds of themes and interface options depending on the website type. For example, a template for a blog will make it easy for website visitor to scroll through your posts. On the other hand, if you’re promoting a product you’ll need a template that offers multiple images on the front page. 

It’s up to you to find a website builder with desired templates. You can find a website builder with hundreds of templates and still not find a perfect one. On the other hand, you can find builders with templates designed specifically for affiliate marketing, too.  

Pages and Sections 

Every serious website has several basic and more complex pages and sections: 

  • Landing page 
  • Home page 
  • Contact  
  • About  
  • Content pages 
  • FAQ 
  • Description of services and clients  
  • Client reviews and comments  

A good website builder should offer separate features and support for most of these pages. In fact, some builders provide specific tools that you may add to a dedicated section  for example, add a store to your content page, video to your landing page, and others.  

Image and Video Editing  

Every website builder should have an appropriate library of stock photos that you can use for the website background or headers. Also, builders that allow you to upload custom images to the library will provide you with more options. Moreover, some builders have built-in image editors that allow you to crop, rotate, or resize the image to better fit the website. 

Additionally, you should look for builders that provide tools to embed videos on your website. This way you can add video ads, tutorials, reviews, and other video content directly to the website so your visitors don’t have to watch them on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  


Imagine landing on a website on your iPhone or Android device and everything is messy and unclear. You can’t find any elements, you are not sure what the content is about, and half of the content is cropped-out of the screen. Would you stay on that website?  

This is what happens when your website builder isn’t mobile-friendly. Since a huge part of your potential visitors will come to your affiliate marketing website from a mobile phone, you need to optimize it to look equally good on the smartphone display. 

Always look for website builders with mobile-friendly templates and editors that allow you to separately adjust the elements for both the PC and smart device displays 


Tools that come with your website builder are the heart and soul of your affiliate marketing program. These tools allow you to plan your marketing strategies, draw visitors to your page, get their information, and gain insight into analytics. You should look for a website builder with these tools and integrations:  

SEO Tools 

A website builder without good SEO tools is practically worthless for affiliate marketing. You can have the most user-friendly and aesthetically appealing website, but if it doesn’t rank high on Google, it won’t attract visitors. Top website builders seamlessly implement these tools and some even offer you guidance if you’re unsure how to use them. 

Google Analytics 

SEO tools will attract visitors to your website, but you still need to track the website traffic. Google Analytics is closely linked to the SEO tools and it will help you re-think or improve your business strategy. 

Lead Generation Tools 

The opt-in form to collect emails (usually on a landing page) and an email autoresponder is one of vital aspects of affiliate marketing. It’s one of the best ways to collect information on potential customers and later send them new offers to the email address that they provided. 

Social Media Tools 

Linking your business social media accounts and your affiliate marketing web page will attract even more leads. With these tools, you can connect your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles and automatically share all published content. 

E-Commerce Tools 

Although not all affiliate marketing websites require e-commerce tools, sometimes you may want to integrate your own web store and payment gateways and sell your products.  


The major upside of using a website builder is that you can create your web site quickly and relatively cheap. In fact, some website builders are completely free, while others offer a choice between free and premium versions. As expected, you won’t get a bunch of the aforementioned features (tools and templates) if you don’t opt for a premium version. 

Fortunately, not all premium versions are expensive. You can find solid premium plans with some of the most popular website builders. Subscription fees range from $5 to over $50 per month. The most expensive premium plans usually offer the best features, though that’s not always the case.  

If you decide to go with the more expensive option before you think it through, you may end up investing a lot more than you actually have to and lose valuable profit. Instead, make a shortlist of website builders that have all the required features, and compare their prices 

Downsides of Website Builders 

A website builder can be a great tool to start your affiliate marketing program. Still, it has its own fair share of downsides that may put off some users.  

First, it isn’t fully customizable. Although it has a lot of templates and themes, a website builder cannot replace a website that you’ve developed and designed from scratch. This can be limiting for those who prefer to fully invest their creative potential into a website. Furthermore, you won’t be able to customize the website’s code and some of its functions. 

Finally, servers of website builders can’t compare to the paid, dedicated servers that provide lightningfast performance and website loading. Also, there’s always a tiny chance that a website can be taken down due to errors and glitches, which can negatively impact your revenue. You can’t really fix this on your own and that’s why quality live support is extremely important. 

Cheap, Quick, and Effective 

Website builders are a way to quickly make a website even if you know nothing about coding or web design. The ease-of-use and simplified building procedure can put some users off, but if you’re looking to start an affiliate marketing program, there’s no need for complex solutions. 

The best website builder for affiliate marketing will have all the required tools to make your website unique while keeping track of your visitors and using the most recent SEO software to boost your online presenceTherefore, you should aim to find the one that ticks all the boxes and spend more of your valuable time thinking up a perfect marketing strategy. 

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