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Jacob Caris teaches you how to win the ClickFunnels Dream Car contest using promoting high ticket products with affiliate marketing


Becoming an affiliate marketer isn’t easy, and finding the perfect course that will get you on the right track is often an even harder challenge. Dream Car Profits offer you a course for only $97 that is created by Jacob Caris, a fairly new affiliate marketer but one that has taken the industry by storm.

Jacob Caris managed to become a big name amongst affiliate marketers and has personally put together a course teaching you all of his top affiliate marketing secrets. He got his reputation by winning ClickFunnel’s Dream Car status. For those of you not familiar with ClickFunnel’s Dream Car, it is a bonus given to affiliates for referring a certain number of active users. Refer 100 users and receive an extra $500 in you pay slip every month, refer 200 active clients and that figure doubles to $1000 per month.

Dream Car Profits offer you a course that brings together what Jacob learnt through the courses he took over the years and what really works ‘on the front line’ while doing the job. The course is made up of a few modules that will teach you free and paid affiliate marketing strategies, how to use social media to your advantage and much more.

Course Modules

Blogging With a Twist
  • Maximize blogging skills
  • Maximize SEO skills
  • Keyword research ideas
  • Plugins advice
  • Building a website
Video SEO
  • How to utilize video
  • Video SEO techniques
  • Video strategy
Paid Website Traffic
  • Learn about PPC
  • Understand how advertising works
  • Investing in paid website traffic
Tricks & Hacks to Start & Grow A Super Engaged FB Group
  • Creating a social media community
  • How to maintain your social media community
Finally, you will be taught how to coach other admiring affiliate marketers once you have used all the information in the course to establish yourself in the industry.


Dream Car Profits
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