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Matt Diggity helps you get your financial freedom by creating a course that teaches you all about affiliate SEO, allowing you to get out of the rat race.


Matt Diggity was once an electrical engineer who wanted to be free of the rat race so he tried his hand at affiliate marketing. He reaped the rewards in the industry very quickly, however, he lost it all just as fast after having his websites penalized.

Matt decided to give it another shot, this time applying his own SEO techniques and was soon up and at it again. The moment he discovered ‘flipping’ he really took off. The Affiliate Lab teaches you how to rank and flip affiliate websites and coaches you on how to identify sites that do not rank or make any money.

The course is designed for anyone wanting to polish and refresh their affiliate marketing skills. Both beginners and advanced SEOs can use the course.

What Does the Affiliate Lab Provide You with?

  • 12 hours of content
  • 115 training videos
  • Onsite and offsite checklists
  • 6 plug-and –play templates
  • Access to exclusive members only Facebook group

By the End Of the Course You Will..

  • Know how to identify and create content that will rank
  • Understand how to sell affiliate sites for hundreds, even thousands of dollars
  • Learn how to build affiliate websites
  • Know how to link build from scratch
  • Know how to market your sites
  • Form a business strategy

Course Modules

Niche Selection
  • Niche vs. Authority Sites
  • Niche Hunting
  • Niche Grading Tool
  • Why We Don't Use Amazon
OnSite SEO
  • Domains and Hosting
  • Keyword Research
  • Site Architecture
  • Content Building
  • Site Building
  • Onsite Optimizaiton
  • Featured Snippets
  • Affiliate Links
  • CRO
  • Website Maintenance
OffSite SEO
  • Creating a Persona
  • Social Fortress Creation
  • Anchor Text Analysis
  • Local Citations
  • Social Signals
  • The Bulletproof Backlink Strategy
  • PBN Link Building
Technical Audits
  • Google Search Console
  • Negative SEO Technical
  • Onpage & Offpage Audits
The Kitchen Sink
  • When Sites Get Stuck: The Kitchen Sink
  • Site Size Explosions
  • The "Set Up" Technique
  • Content and Mark-up Injections
  • The Nitty Gritty
The Authority Site Module
  • Building Authority Sites
  • Backlinks for Authority Sites
  • What to do When you Hit Authority Mode
  • Authority Site Pitfalls
  • The Influencer Pitch: Building Real E-A-T


Matt Diggity – The Affiliate Lab
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