Adam Melson – Advanced Organic Acquisition Review

This is an 8-part, 10 hour course that will teach you about SEO by Adam Melson. Adam is a York college graduate who studied marketing and advertising and is now in a senior team leader role for Seer.

Completing this course doesn’t promise you you’ll make quick easy money. You also do need some basic knowledge before enrolling in the program.

Most of the people who have enrolled in the program are either already in digital marketing or are already using SEO and have hit a wall in their progression. Here is what you should already be familiar with before starting the course:

  • Have a basic knowledge of SEO
  • How to work Microsoft Excel
  • Basic Knowledge of working Google Sheet
  • Basic Google analytics understanding

Once you have finished the course, you are given a certificate of completion from CXL which is an authorized LinkedIn education provider.

This course will teach you how to tackle Google changes that dramatically reduce your natural traffic overnight, you will also learn what you should do when you are penalized. You will learn how to recognize content gaps in the market and how to put yourself in the number one search positions.


Acquisition through Content Gaps

  • Measuring content gap analysis
  • how to craft strategies to capture foot traffic

Acquisition through Referral Sources

  • keep the money you have earnt
  • make the most of your connections
  • build long term and valuable referral traffic

Acquisition through Assets

  • How to build and drive ROI
  • Solving customer’s needs
  • Identifying a need

Humanizing the Experience

  • how to show you’re a relationship building company
  • how to solve searchers’ problems
  • how to incorporate social good into a growth program

How Penalties & Algorithm Updates Impact Traffic

  • review algorithm updates
  • reviewing penalties
  • remediating penalties

Quick Wins: Where’s the Low Hanging Fruit?

  • Turning meta-descriptions into traffic
  • Identify conversion roadblocks
  • optimize what you already do

Setting Yourself up for Success

  • customer traffic alerts
  • monitoring competition

Technical SEO’s Impact on Traffic Acquisition

  • checkbox best practices
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