Adplexity Review

So you’re starting out an online ad campaign and you’ve come up with a few ideas that seem promising. You’re super excited to test out your campaign and you decide to launch it, only to find out that your campaign isn’t that effective.

One solution is to abandon the campaign and invest your money in something else entirely. Alternatively, you can give Adplexity a try. Running a profitable campaign is all about identifying your competitors, seeing what works for them, and thinking about how you can beat them.

However, going through this process the old way can be inefficient and may not yield the results you’d expect. That’s where an ad spy tool like Adplexity comes handy.

The tool allows affiliate marketers, e-commerce store owners, and other people who need to increase their online marketing efforts to learn from their competitors, but is it really worth the money? Let’s find out In our ultimate Adplexity review!

History of the Company

The Adplexity company was founded in 2008 in the U.S. It provides an easy way for advertisers to get online marketing ideas. The spy tool provides the user with insights about XML syndication, online advertising, SEO, and SEM. The website gets 7000+ visitors and over 58,000 pages are viewed per day.

What’s Adplexity

Adplexity is simply an ad spy tool that allows you to see and understand what works for your competitors in the same segment you’re targeting, be it on desktop or mobile.

Instead of having to search for this information manually, the Adplexity ad spy tool provides you with everything you need so you can focus on generating your own ideas instead of spending countless hours looking for the creatives of your competitors. The tool simply does all the hard work for you thanks to its massive database.

Adplexity Review: How Does Adplexity Work?

Before awesome services like the Adplexity spy tool came to life, the process of selecting a banner or landing page for your marketing campaign was quite time-consuming.

Without Adplexity, you’d be randomly visiting dozens of websites and analyzing them without even knowing whether they’re performing well or not. You may get some useful insights, but they won’t be enough for you to run successful campaigns.

Taking into account the factor of uncertainty, you won’t be able to formulate a sustainable ad campaign that can get traffic from high-quality sources and generate profit.

In the past, once you’ve determined the segment and traffic sources, all that was left was to use an eye-catching banner or landing page. Typically, you’d have done something like:

  • Identify the websites
  • Use a VPN tool to change your location according to your targeted segment
  • Get another tool that makes it seem like you’re using a smartphone
  • Constantly refresh the page to get as many ideas as you can
  • Take screenshots every time you refresh
  • Generate your own ideas after analyzing the creatives you’ve gathered
  • Do these steps all over again for other websites in the same targeted segment

Quite a headache, right? Well, luckily, we now have Adplexity that makes this whole thing easier, faster, and more effective.


To use the Adplexity ad spy tool to its full potential, you need to plan a few things in your head. The first thing you need to do is to research the competition. There are several ways you can do that, but it usually starts with keyword research. Then, you can expand your researcher by advertiser, publisher, or according to placement.

Researching by advertiser or product allows you to get ads related to that product instead of an exact keyword. You can even search for a specific advertiser and understand what’s working for them.

Moreover, searching by publisher allows you to analyze the ads on a particular website that you can take a few hints from. The Adplexity spy tool even lets you search for ads that are placed in a particular location on a website like banners, redirects, pop-ups, squeeze pages, mobile web ads, pop-under ads, and in-app ads. Some of the most distinctive Adplexity features include:

Wide Coverage. The scoop of Adplexity spans over 70 countries, including both high and low competition countries.

Multiple Platforms. Adplexity allows you to conduct your analysis on several platforms, including Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android phones.

Dozens of Carriers. Adplexity makes it easy for you to discover campaigns that target traffic from a specific mobile carrier. There are a total of 120 carriers from every part of the world that you can analyze.

Affiliate Marketing. Adplexity lets you identify the ads that promote products from affiliate networks from over 100 affiliate marketing networks, allowing you to mimic what works for your competitors and improve on it.

Pop-Ups and Redirects. The tool allows you to track campaigns that rely on pop-ups, outgoing links, and redirects.

Landing Page Download. You can download any landing page you want directly from the website.

Adplexity Products

There’s a common misconception that Adplexity is a single service that works for everything, but there are actually 7 dedicated Adplexity tools. Each ad tracking tool serves a different customer base. They are:

  • Adplexity Desktop
  • Adplexity Mobile
  • Adplexity Native
  • Adplexity Push
  • Adplexity eCommerce
  • Adplexity Carriers
  • Adplexity Adult

Choosing the right tool depends on the goals of your ad campaign. Most of the differences between these products depend on the traffic source.

Adplexity Desktop

With Adplexity Desktop, you can find prominent desktop ad campaigns from over 75 countries. You can use filters like keyword, advertiser, publisher along, and affiliate marketing networks to refine your search results.

Affiliate marketers will find this tool extremely useful by spying on other profitable campaigns that target a specific affiliate marketing niche.

Adplexity will simply transform the way you do affiliate marketing and help you boost your conversion rate by giving you the chance to spy on successful affiliate network campaigns for desktop-based traffic sources.

Adplexity Mobile

Adplexity for Mobile allows you to track the most profitable Mobile campaigns. You’ll be able to understand the secret of the success of other profitable campaigns, making it easier for you to tailor a promising ad campaign and boost your ROI. You can even download the landing pages that interest you the most. Some of the insights that Adplexity Mobile will give you include:

Ad Trends. Ad trends will show you how the campaign is performing on certain days of the week and the number of days it’s running. Identifying the best performing day allows you to time your ad campaigns more strategically.

Devices and Browsers Targeted. This feature allows you to see the exact platform that the campaign is performing well on. Not only that, but you can also identify the best browser the campaign is performing on like Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox.

Publishers. This feature lets you understand which publisher is getting the lion’s share of the traffic.

Adplexity Native

Adplexity for native ads makes it easier for you to track prominent campaigns that rely on a native traffic source in over 32 countries.

Some of the native ad traffic sources that Adplexity Native helps you uncover include RevContent, MGID, Taboola, Adblade, Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini, and You can also filter the results according to platforms, including MS Windows, iOS, Android, and tablet.

Just like other Adplexity products, Adplexity Native allows you to download landing pages in the format that you set, like images, Javascript, and CSS.

Adplexity Push

Adplexity Push lets you target the best online campaigns that depend on push traffic sources. You’ll be able to get insights about push campaigns on both desktop and mobile from over 82 countries. Some of the push networks that Adplexity shows you data from include PropellerAds, LeoCash, MGID, Datapush, and Evadav.

The insights you get are based on ads trends, GEO, redirect chain, outgoing URLs, and top publishers. You can also download landing pages.

Adplexity eCommerce

Running an online store? Then you should try out Adplexity eCommerce. This tool makes it easier for you to track the most successful e-commerce products and stores, giving you the chance to compete for similar products.

The data you get is based on the number of visitors and buyers for each product or store. Adplexity’s ever-growing database lets you uncover over 10,000 e-commerce stores and identify their most successful products, in addition to the apps they use.

Adplexity Carriers

As its name implies, Adplexity Carriers is made specifically for tracking online campaigns running on mobile traffic from particular carriers. You can see many of the campaigns running from over 80 mobile carriers and 30 countries. Moreover, you can easily identify offers that are exclusive to specific carriers.

Adplexity Adult

Adplexity Adult is made for those who need to target profitable online campaigns that rely on adult traffic sources so you can design your own successful campaigns. You can get insights on any adult ad campaign you want, even the hidden ones that get traffic from specific carriers. Refining the results by keywords, publishers, and affiliate marketing networks will allow you to get the possible results.

Adplexity vs. Competitors

One of the biggest advantages that Adplexity offers over its competitors is its user-friendly interface. Once you’ve logged in into Adplexity, you’ll be prompted to enter a keyword that’s relevant to your product or affiliate marketing network. For example, you can type in “handmade wallets” and you’ll initially get a big load of data. You can then set some filters like:

  • Days running
  • Publisher
  • Device type
  • Ad type
  • Country target
  • Language
  • Traffic sources
  • Affiliate marketing networks
  • Tracking tools

This enables you to narrow down your research and see only the relevant info. The tool will give you a list of all the information you need on each ad, including the number of hits, devices targeted, days of running ads, traffic sources/networks, and others.

You can then select the relevant ads based on the criteria that matter the most and you’ll get a preview of it. The ad preview will display multiple useful insights like ad trends, bid history, week trend, publishers, and traffic sources.

How to Use Adplexity?

The first thing you need to do is to set the “Day’s running” parameter to 14 days or more. Why? Well, it’s safe to assume that any ad campaign that’s been there for at least 2 weeks is starting to generate profit already. Who’d spend money on advertising campaigns for longer than that if they aren’t at least getting a payback? Very unlikely.

Any ad campaign with a shorter duration is more likely to be under-optimized. By viewing optimized ad campaigns, you guarantee that you’re getting insights on successful campaigns that can actually help you with your own campaign.

Moving on to the next step, you’ll find a tool to select the device type. It’s preferable that you select “Android Phone” or “iPhone” since mobile campaigns are much cheaper than desktop campaigns. They can even be more effective than desktop campaigns due to the fact that people use their phones to browse the web more often than their computers.

Now that you’ve selected the device type, you need to select the country where your target audience is. Your first instinct would be to choose the United States to run your campaign, but running a U.S based ad campaign is more costly than in other English and non-English speaking countries. Not to mention that there are lots of countries where ads are less competitive than in the United States.

Now, you should be seeing several campaigns that are actually worthy of analyzing, but wait, don’t do anything just yet. There are additional things you can do to refine the results even more.

In the sorting tool, select sort by “Receive most traffic” instead of “Newest.” Now you’ll be able to see the campaigns that get the most traffic instead of simply the newest ones. Following this method will increase your chances of finding the right ad campaigns to mimic.

Remember, your goal is to find the campaigns with the highest click-through rates (CTR). You can experiment yourself with the tool and the filters it offers until you reach what you want. It takes a little experience, but once you identify a method that works for you, finding good campaigns will only take a minute or two.

After finding a few good campaigns, clicking on a campaign will show you where this product or service is being promoted. This allows you to identify the websites that are making that particular affiliate/seller some money.

You can also check the most promising landing pages and download them as a zip file. High-quality landing pages can significantly boost the effectiveness of your ad campaign.


There are several alternatives to Adplexity that still do a very decent job. A few of them are even cheaper but not necessarily as feature-rich as Adplexity. Some of the options you should take a look at include:

  • Adbeat
  • Advault
  • SpyOver
  • AdSpy
  • BuddyAd

You could make a full list of Adplexity’s features and compare them with its competitors. Doing that will help you benchmark Adplexity against other ad spy tools and identify whether you need all the features that Adplexity offers or not. However, we do think that none of Adplexity’s features aren’t useful.

Final Thoughts

To recap our Adplexity review, there’s no doubt that the Adplexity spy tool is the Chuck Norris of ad spy tools. Out of all the ad spy tools out there, we’d always choose Adplexity as our favorite one, and you can clearly see why in this Adplexity review.

From its ease of use to the huge database and tons of features, the Adplexity spy tool leaves nothing for imagination. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or selling your own product, this is definitely a great tool to add to your marketing arsenal.

Now you’ll be more confident that you’ll design your ad campaign the best way,  yield the results you desire, and minimize your risk!

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