SEO platforms take a lot of things into account to understand what will make their clients more popular with the online community. There are billions of datasets a day that are processed and sorted for this purpose alone. That much data is bound to yield some results, but the data is only as good as the questions that collected it, and most optimization engines are too imprecise to yield truly effective data. Ahrefs has reimagined SEO to include the metrics that matter most to a digital marketing agency – where most website builders will look only for how many times their client was searched, Ahrefs checks for clicks, counting off how many times anyone actually followed the link to get a more accurate picture of how attractive the site is to users. 

In a similar vein, most SEO platforms will only track Google search metrics to analyze their client’s positioning. While there is some merit to it – above 90% of generic searches are indeed sent through Google – it leaves out crucial search traffic from sites that many people forget to classify as a search engine. Ahrefs adds data from key websites like Twitter, Amazon, and Youtube to put together a more complete picture of every kind of search traffic your website might be generating, letting the business owner stay ahead of trends of all kinds as they happen. 

Because a major part of SEO is simply increasing the number of pathways that reach your sight – also known as backlinks – Ahrefs proactively searches for content creators to approach as affiliates to publish links to your website. This process gives a diverse link base ranked more favorably than links from only one kind of content, and also helps to ensure that links are constructed properly; people take greater care with personal blogs than automatically generated websites, yielding consistently better links that generate a wealth of traffic to the affiliate site.

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