AMZScout Review

AMZScout Review

If you are looking to start your own Amazon affiliate website to sell a range of products, before you get started, AMZScout might be a good tool for you to check out. AMZScout is a high-class program which is going to help maximize the revenue for your Amazon affiliate site. Finding the right products to sell, popular ones that will make you a profit, can be extremely hard. Many affiliate sites end up going belly up because they simply are not selling the right products. This is something which AMZScout aims to solve.

What AMZScout Does

AMZScout can do a number of different things for you, and it’s all mainly about helping you find the right products to sell through your Amazon affiliate site. This is a program which is going to help you find the most profitable products, the most clicked-on products, all with the aim of helping you generate the most website traffic, the most clicks, and the most sales possible.

If you don’t know what niche you want to work with, whether baby gear or dog supplies, AMZScout will help you narrow it down, so you can sell the right stuff. As the website says, you can find Amazon products to sell which will help you make over $3,000 monthly, all with limited effort on your end.

How AMZScout Works

The way in which AMZScout works is actually quite simple. First, it helps you identity the best niches of products, or product categories to list on your website. In other words, it finds the most profitable niches for you, and then, once that is done, it finds the most profitable products in that specific niche for you to sell.

AMZScout also allows you to spy on other sellers to see what they are doing, so you can then adjust your own business model based on the competition, and on that same note, this program will also allow you to gauge future competition in up-and-coming market areas too. AMZScout is all about finding the right products and product categories for you to list on your Amazon affiliate site, so you get the best traffic, the most clicks, and higher sales figures.

Features of AMZScout

AMZScout comes with a number of great features that are worth talking about, so let’s discuss them.

Finding Profitable Products

Perhaps the best feature which AMZScout offers is that it contains a database of well over 320,000 products, which it then uses to identify the products with the highest profit margins.

Finding the Best Niches

Something else which AMZScout is great for is to help you find the most profitable product niches, which could be kids’ games, hunting gear, or anything in between. You will see what a specific category’s demand is, the competition, and profitability.

Calculating Profits

This affiliate website tools is also something that will help you calculate your overall profits based on a variety of factors including cost, fees, storage, referral fees, and more. Simply put, it’s a tool that will help you calculate how much profit you stand to make from a single product.

Identifying Trends

Yet another feature you get is that AMZScout will provide you with simple graphs that can help you identify growing trends — products and product categories which are becoming more popular and profitable to sell.

Spying on Sellers

Something that is pretty cool about AMZScout is that it helps to keep track of how the competition is doing based on various products. You can see just how the competition has performed when selling a certain product, so you can see whether or not it is worth it.

Predicting Future Competition

The other really awesome feature that comes with AMZScout is that it can help you predict the competition in a certain niche in the future. This is all about helping you find the right products to sell while also avoiding selling those which are already saturated, or predicted to be over-saturated in the near future.

Who AMZScout is Best Suited For

AMZScout is a tool that anybody who already has or wants to open a profitable Amazon affiliate retail website can use. Simply put, if you want to make money, and think that opening an affiliate site to sell products from Amazon seems like a good idea, then AMZScout is probably a tool for you to check out. If you are not familiar with product trends, niches, or what products are more profitable to sell, then AMZScout can help you get a leg up on the competition.


AMZScout is not all that expensive, especially considering that it can help you make thousands of dollars per month with relative ease. For a monthly AMZScout subscription, it’s $44.99, but you can also get lifetime membership for $199, which is of course the far better deal. Buying the lifetime plan makes up for the monthly cost in just over 4 months, so it’s well worth it if you are in it for the long term.


What is AMZScout?

AMZScout is a tool designed to help you find top market niches and top products to sell via an Amazon affiliate site.

How many products does AMZScout track?

At this time, there is data available for over 230,000 Amazon products.

How much money can I make selling a single product?

As the website claims, you can potentially make over $3,000 for each product listed.


If you need a tool to help you build a proper line of products to sell on your Amazon affiliate site, we would highly recommend checking out AMZScout. It’s relatively affordable to use, especially the lifetime membership, and it will help you find the most profitable niches and items that you can sell on your site. It’s an easy and fast way to help you increase your profit margin many times over.

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