BigCommerce Review

Big Commerce Review

You’ve probably heard of Shopify, but Big Commerce is one of their biggest competitors. Big Commerce is another service which provides all of the resources you need to build, create, and manage a fully functional, user-friendly, and highly profitable e-commerce site. It’s something that allows you to make good money, yet takes most of the hard work out of the equation. If you want to create a successful e-commerce site, but don’t know where to get started, Big Commerce is something you might want to check out.

What Big Commerce Does

Simply put, Big Commerce provides you with a ready-to-go and fully functional e-commerce platform that can do everything you need to start banking your profits. With Big Commerce, you can design an online storefront, engage in branding, marketing, SEO, you can sell in multiple marketplaces and market types, and much more. Literally, everything you need from an e-commerce store is provided by Big Commerce, so you can create a fully functional e-commerce site with the products, look, payment types, and more, all of your choosing. The bottom line is that Big Commerce builds big e-commerce websites.

How Big Commerce Works

Big Commerce works by providing you with your own e-commerce website. You get to build the site from scratch with user-friendly tools, you get to choose how it looks and what products to feature, which payment types to work with, and more. Big Commerce provides you with all of the site-building and management tools you need for a fully functional e-commerce site from start to finish.

Features of Big Commerce

Big Commerce comes with many features worth talking about, so this section will be quite long. So, what are the most important Big Commerce features worth mentioning?

Storefront Design

The first thing you will have to do is to design your storefront, something that Big Commerce is more than ideal for. With this service you will get full customizable themes; you can customize every inch of the checkout system; you can optimize your e-commerce site for mobile use; you can preview everything before making changes and publishing; and it features full WordPress integration.

Storefront Conversion

Another feature you get with Big Commerce is that it helps with storefront conversion, and it does this in a number of ways. You can create a plethora of coupons and promotions; you can create a high-speed store using Google Cloud Platform infrastructure; you can use the drag-and-drop functionality for effective merchandising; you can choose from dozens of digital wallets; optimize your site for SEO, and much more.

Cross Channel Commerce

Something that is really neat about Big Commerce is that you can sell your goods more or less anywhere you see fit. You can integrate with many top viewed online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Google shopping; you can integrate with various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram; you can keep track of brick and mortar sales; and more.


One of the biggest features you get with Big Commerce concerns B2B. Just to list some of the things in relation to B2B which Big Commerce allows, you get segmented customer groups; purchase orders; price lists; various payment methods; bulk pricing; quote management; advanced searches; and APIs.

International Sales

Big Commerce accommodates international sales by allowing for over 250 currencies and 130 countries to access your site, by providing translation features,  providing cross-border fulfillment, global CDN, and more.

Core Commerce Features

There are also core commerce features included that relate to scalable catalogs; payment options; taxing; staging environments; vaulting; refunds and returns; customer groups; reporting and analytics; and SSO. Simply put, you get everything you need to manage and create a successful e-commerce website.

Open-Platform Design

An open-platform design is always important, which is what you get with Big Commerce. With API breadth and performance, CP and storefront SSO, and headless commerce, you really cannot go wrong.


Big Commerce also provides a variety of high-class security features including world-class uptime, level 1 security, and full backup and restore features.

Who Big Commerce is Best Suited For

Big Commerce is best suited for people who want to create their own e-commerce website, but don’t really know how to do it or how to get started. Big Commerce, as you can see from the features listed above, comes with literally everything you might ever need to create a fully functional, customized, and user friendly e-commerce site that will actually put money in the bank. One of the biggest benefits is that Big Commerce is very easy to get the hang of, and not even that expensive.


Big Commerce features a 15-day free trial, as well as 3 plans to subscribe to. There is the standard plan for $29.95 monthly, the Plus plan for $79.95 monthly, and a Pro plan for $249.95 monthly.


Can I use a subdomain for my store?

Yes, with Big Commerce, you can use your own subdomain for your store.

Does Big Commerce sell SSL certificates?

Yes, Big Commerce sells SSL certificates, but you can also use SSL certificates from a third party if you choose to do so.

Can I use my own domain name?

If you have not purchased your own domain name, you can purchase one through Big Commerce, but you can also use your own.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, there is a fully functional 15-day free trial offered by Big Commerce.


If you are looking to create your own e-commerce website, but don’t have a clue in terms of where to get started, Big Commerce is a resource for you to check out. It takes care of literally everything from start to finish, and helps make business easier and more profitable.

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