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Do you run a dropshipping business? Have you been doing it for longer than 2 weeks? Yes? Fabulous! Then we will assume you have heard of Ecomhunt.

For those that haven’t read any of the abundant Ecomhunt reviews on the web, you have arrived at the best starting point. In this Ecomhunt review, we are going to walk you through this increasingly popular tool which helps you find hot products to put on your dropshipping business with no effort from you.

What is Ecomhunt?

So far in your dropshipping efforts, you have probably been doing extensive product research to find winning products that will make money. Essentially, this is what Econhunt will do without you putting in ridiculous amounts of work. In short, Ecomhunt is a tool that helps you find products every day to ensure your business achieves a brilliant conversion rate.

This handy tool will add hot products each day which enables you to stop shelling out both time and money to try to find products that sell. In addition, Ecomhunt will show you the items that are trending on other big marketplaces. There is absolutely no way you can miss out when you use such an effective tool!

Ecomhunt has changed the way many drop shippers do business, and it can change yours too. Imagine if you could wake up in the morning and not have to worry about product research. All you would need to focus on is attracting customers; that’s it! This is the lifestyle that the developers of Ecomhunt want for you.

What Are The Best New Products?

There is no denying that Ecomhunt is the answer to this question. It allows you to get access to winning products every day without you having to take on loads of product research (as you already know). But, in this review, we want to delve a little deeper and get to know how it actually works.

Every day, Ecomhunt scours the web to figure out which products are trending and doing well. Once it has established these, this tool will figure out which is the winning product (there may be multiple) in terms of earning a good profit.

After this, the tool will allow its paying members to get access to these products straight away, and those on a free membership will get them a few days later.

Yes, Ecomhunt will always prioritize businesses on the pro plan (i.e. those who pay for the service) to ensure those on a free membership are given an incentive to upgrade.

For every product that Ecomhunt deems worthy, you will receive the following:

  • The product description
  • Any images of the product
  • The RRP (recommended retail price)
  • The profit, cost and margin you can expect from the product
  • The option to put the product on Shopify straight away
  • The analytics
  • Links to various shops (AliExpress), ads and videos that feature the product
  • Saturation Inspector
  • Any ideas for how to engage your social media following
  • A review of the product
  • Any targeting ideas you can use (Facebook targeting, Facebook ads, social media posts, etc)
  • A consultation through Messenger with an expert

As you can see, Ecomhunt provides a lot of information which you can use to market the products on your eCommerce store more effectively. Although we are going to go over the pros and cons later on, in terms of our Ecomhunt review, we think this is pretty amazing.

Does Ecomhunt Offer Anything Else?

Even though Ecomhunt could have stopped with the above and most drop shippers would be happy, this tool has taken things to the next level!

Shopify Apps

There are quite a lot of widgets, extensions and apps that you can get alongside Ecomhunt which will further enhance your business model.

We have found that the Shopify one is particularly useful. It lets you discover various extensions for your Shopify store that can greatly increase your shop’s engagement.

Ecomhunt Training and Webinars

It tends to be that developers of tools such as Ecomhunt overlook the fact that some users may not have much experience or training in eCommerce or product sales of any description. Amazingly, Ecomhunt makes sure that they do take this into account by offering their own training sessions and webinars.

So, regardless of whether you know about product research, Facebook ads, Facebook targeting and social media engagement or not, you can still use Ecomhunt.

Having said this, it also appeals to all you expert drop shippers out there as well. You can always polish your skills and maybe even learn some new ones to enhance your business.

Not to mention that it is included in the Ecomhunt price!

Want to have a sneak peek at the specific webinar and training products Ecomhunt provides? Have a gander at this:

  • Understand Your Facebook Ad Results
  • How to Consistently Choose The Right Product
  • A How-to Guide For Facebook Ad Targeting
  • All About How to Scale Your Facebook Ad
  • How to Find A Winning Product Niche
  • What Products to Sell on Shopify
  • Testing a Winning Product with a Facebook Ad
  • Boosting Your Store’s Conversion


Anyone who runs a business which sells products needs to know about Adhunter (most of you probably do), but if you don’t, let’s get into it, shall we?

Adhunter is a chrome extension that allows you to look at and analyze your competitor’s Facebook ads and other social media selling tools. Every day, you can get this information for specific product sales to help you increase your site’s conversion rate.

This nifty extension is completely free. The only catch is that you must have an Ecomhunt account for it to work (which isn’t really a “catch” if you ask us).

Ecomhunt University

That’s right, in addition to their webinars and training videos, Ecomhunt has developed the Ecomhunt University.

It’s free for their members which is pretty sweet since it provides you with information on how to start a dropshipping business, how to perform product research and much more. Of course, if you aren’t new to this then you might see it as a waste of time but, from our experience, it is incredibly helpful.

Moreover, within Ecomhunt University you learn how to develop your Ecom Funnels. But again, this isn’t for everyone.

Ecomhunt Pricing

Right, let’s talk Ecomhunt pricing, yes?

Currently, they offer 2 types of memberships: free and pro (paid).

We mentioned earlier that the free plan has some limitations. You won’t ever find a way around this since it’s giving you an incentive to upgrade. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Pro plan is $29 per month but you get access to everything Ecomhunt offers. We’ll look further into this now as we want our review to cover everything and more; we’re nice like that!

Ecomhunt Free Plan

You might have just started your business, in which case, you probably don’t want to start paying for a subscription right away. We don’t blame you!

The Ecomhunt free plan is a great starting point.

In this package, you’ll up to new 2 products each day, along with 5 saved products. Although, you won’t get that day’s currently trending items as there is a 3-day wait period.

Ecomhunt Pro Plan

As we’ve said, their pro plan gives you complete access to the tool’s features for only $29 per month. Trust us, this is way cheaper than its competitors.

You will receive unlimited products, full data analytics, as well as the opportunity to participate in the community.

How Do I Cancel Ecomhunt?

Of course, there may come a time when you need/want to cancel your Ecomhunt subscription. Maybe you’re getting out of the market or perhaps this just isn’t for you.

Thankfully, cancelling is really easy.

This tool doesn’t come with a contract so you can cancel at any time, without penalties or fees. Plus, it lets you sign back up if you want to have another go at a later date.

Let’s Review Ecomhunt Pros

So far, our review has pretty factual. But, now we’re going to dive down into our opinions.

The Big One: Access to Trending Products Every Day

The main (and best) advantage of using Ecomhunt is that you will get access to trending products as quickly as possible. The team behind this innovative tool are specialists in their field so it’s basically a fool-proof investment.

You don’t have to waste any more time trying to hunt down the right product yourself, just let Ecomhunt do it. We love this, and so do other drop shippers out there.

All The Online Help by Ecomhunt Itself

We can’t fault their free webinars and training sessions. You can access them at any time, as and when you feel like you need to polish or grow your skills. In most cases, these resources would cost big money so this is a fantastic feature.

Facebook Targeting

Facebook ads can be somewhat tricky to get the hang of. Plus, you usually have to pay for the privilege. However, Ecomhunt lets you access it without parting with extra cash.

With this tool under your belt, you can really knuckle down and use Facebook ads to target your audience more effectively than ever.

Supplier Links

When this service shows you the products for each day, it will also provide you with the supplier link for easy implementation.

Not to mention that it will give you links to other online stores who are selling the exact product. Trust us, it’s a fab feature that you can gain valuable insights from.

Ecomhunt Product Analytics

Product analysis is time-consuming. Luckily, you won’t have to do any of this with Ecomhunt. It’ll show you profitability and sales forecasts and more.

You can then use this to figure out volumes and such for a specific product and just how long that same product is predicted to be popular for.

Niche Products

Most people (us included to start with) think that this platform only shows the products that are super popular and really competitive. However, you can also find hot niche products on there too. All you have to do is have a browse and pick the product that’s right for your store.

Ecomhunt: Their Guarantee

Ah yes, the money-back guarantee which everyone knows and loves!

If you pay for the pro plan, you’ll have 30 days to decide whether you like it. For those who don’t, you’ll be given a full refund.

Ecomhunt Review: Cons

Our review wouldn’t be complete without some cons, would it?

Its Free Membership

While we’ve found it is better than their competitor’s, we think they should implement some more features so users can really get a feel for it.

The Wait

New versions or features for the tool take quite a while to be released after the company has announced them. Although, we might just be impatient!

Limited Trending Products

While their product selection is certainly winning, we just want a few more products on there!

An Ecomhunt Alternative: Is Niche Scraper Worth It?

Okay, even though this is an Ecomhunt review, we do feel that we should compare it to one of its competitors before we go. Here’s what we think:

Even though Niche Scraper is a good product by anyone’s standards, we feel that Ecomhunt is better value for money. Not only because it’s cheaper, but also, it just has a smoother, easier user experience.

You could, however, try comparing both. That’s always an option.

Ecomhunt Review: The Conclusion

There are quite a few products out there that are fierce competitors of this tool. But, Ecomhunt does stand out thanks to its starter-friendly price, Facebook ads feature, online training, Adhunter, and its easy-to-use interface.

Of course, it will also save you time that would otherwise be taken up with product research, product analysis and more. Now, you can sit back and focus purely on getting more customers through the door.

With substantial profits, great products and cheaper membership fees; it’s pretty much a win-win situation.

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