Selling Amazon products can be difficult, which is true whether you are selling over Amazon or through an affiliate site. What can be really hard, especially if you’re a newcomer, is to have access to all relevant sales and customer data in a single place, so you can analyze all vital sales aspects to make split-second decisions. HelloProfit is a state-of-the art Amazon seller analytics and PPC software tool to provide you with all the information you need right at your fingertips.

What HelloProfit Does

HelloProfit is a very advance Amazon seller analytics tool, one that does, well, more or less everything and anything that you would need a tool like this to do. HelloProfit is an all-in-one tool and platform to attend to all of a seller’s needs in a single place. It’s a really cool option because it helps to eliminate the need for multiple sales and analytics tools. With HelloProfit, you can keep track of all of your merchant platforms, your sales, competitors, rankings, and much more. The whole point of this analytics tool is to allow you to see exactly how your products are performing in regard to sales, so you can then improve overall profits any way you see fit.

How HelloProfit Works

HelloProfit allows you to analyze your sales and customers from Amazon affiliate sites and more. It works by providing you with a comprehensive all-in-one platform that comes with many features so you can analyze multiple platforms at once, analyze orders, customers, profits, and more. Of course, there are some pretty heavy-duty algorithms included, but we are not going to go into the science of it. Simply out, HelloProfit gathers all the important info, puts it in a single place, and allows you to view it in an easy manner.

Features of HelloProfit

HelloProfit is a comprehensive Amazon seller analytics platform, one that comes with pretty much every feature you need, so you don’t have to use multiple tools. Let’s take a look at the most important and useful features which HelloProfit brings to your arsenal.

The Merchant Dashboard

With the merchant dashboard, you can view all of your sales and profit data from various merchant accounts, all on a single platform. You gain access to a very high level of information about your sales, and you can then drill down deeper to see what exactly is impacting your revenue. You can analyze your profits by merchant, date, and marketplace, and even from individual products. All data is nearly real time.

Product Dashboard

The next useful feature of HelloProfit is the merchant dashboard, which is designed to provide you with a detailed analysis of the sales performance of the individual products being sold. One cool aspect here is that you can compare how regular sales are doing when compared to promotional sales. You can also use this feature to identify transaction types per SKU, as well as monitor your sales rank as well.

The PPC Manager

Another awesome feature that you get with the HelloProfit analytics tool is that it comes with a full PPC manager which has many integrated features. You can see what the true cost of sales are, with accurate average order values and more. You can also make your own customizable graphs so you can take in information the way it best suits you. What’s also neat is that you get access to multiple dashboards to display various forms of data in relation to campaign, group ad, product ad, keyword, and more.

Payout Reporting

The payout reporting feature is another you might really appreciate, and it’s all about analyzing the financial heart of your Amazon business. You can get a detailed breakdown per SKU, plus you also get detailed info about your true profit because you get to see product, shipping, and sponsored ad costs all in one place. You also get to see all of your expenses and income grouped in a single place, so you can focus on the areas which need your attention.

Instant Notifications

Perhaps one of the most useful features of HelloProfit is that it will instantly notify you of things like drops or spikes in sales and more. You will be notified when a certain product reaches the maximum or minimum daily sales velocity you have set up per SKU, as well as the maximum hours sales velocity.

Customers and Orders

The other main feature you get with HelloProfit is that you can compare old and new order information to make decisions fast. Here you will get access about repeat buyers and how frequently people come back, how many refunds are given out and to whom, and you can take notes on buyers. It’s all about seeing how you are doing in terms of individual customers.

Who HelloProfit is Best Suited For

HelloProfit is best suited for people who are running big sales campaigns and selling a range of Amazon based goods, especially for people who have multiple merchant accounts. People with single-merchant accounts can use HelloProfit as well, but it is more suited towards those with multiple merchant accounts.


  • First off, if you like, you can get the 21 day free trial.
  • $97/month


Do I get full access with the free trial?

Yes, the free trial allows for full access to all HelloProfit features and functions.

With multiple seller accounts, do I need multiple HelloProfit Accounts?

No, you can add as many seller accounts as you want, each for $29 per year. The regular plan is $97 monthly.

Can I import older data?

Yes, when you sign up for a full membership, you can import sales data from as far back as 2 years.


When all is said and done, if you need 100% comprehensive Amazon seller analytics, HelloProfit is hands-down one of the best ways to go.

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