Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout Review

Building your own retail site can be a nightmare, especially if you are building an Amazon affiliate retail site; you are looking to list products being sold on Amazon, on your own retail platform, so you can sell them from there, and get a nice commission for doing so.

Now, this might all sound very easy to some, but the reality can be a little different. Before you start making money from sales, you first have to sell products, which means finding the right niche and the right products that people want to buy. Well, this is what the Jungle Scout™ app is all about, helping you build your Amazon affiliate site with the right products.

What Jungle Scout™ Does

In essence, Jungle Scout™ is an analytical tool for Amazon affiliate retailers. Jungle Scout™ performs quite a wide variety of services for users, mainly focused on products and trends in the retail world.

Simply put, it’s all about helping you find the products being sold on Amazon with the highest ratings, the most clicks, and the most sales, so you can see what products are potentially the best to feature on your own site.

There are then also a number of other features, all designed to help optimize the seller’s experience and results, with of course the end goal being for you to sell as many products as possible.

You can then even track your own performance through sales analytics to see which products are putting money in the bank and which are nothing more than duds.

How Jungle Scout™ Works

Jungle Scout™ works by providing you with a massive database of Amazon products which are currently for sale. What is impressive here is that Jungle Scout™ features nearly 70 million products which it tracks.

When it comes down to it, this is one of the largest product databases in the world, at least when it comes to providing Amazon affiliates with info about products. Jungle Scout™ works by providing you with a list of the highest selling products and product categories, as well as providing you with details about specific products in regard to pricing, sales, inventory, revenue, and more. This is so you personally can choose the most profitable products that you may then want to feature on your site.

Jungle Scout™ also allows you to create some pretty hefty promotion and email campaigns to increase sales. Follow this all up with accurate and in-depth sales analytics in regard to the performance of your site, and you have one heck of an affiliate retailer tool to help boost your sales and profits.

Features of Jungle Scout™

Jungle Scout™ comes with a number of cool features which you should know about, so let’s talk about them.

Product Database

Here you can search for any product and product category which is featured on Amazon using simple keywords. Product Database will provide you with accurate data in terms of products that are high in demand.

Product Tracker

Once you have found products that are in high demand, you can then use the Product Tracker feature to get detailed info in regard to daily sales, revenue, inventory, and all other relevant factors.

Supplier Database

Supplier Database is a feature which helps you find the best-qualified international suppliers for the products you want to sell, all based on your specific search criteria. It can show you who the top customers of suppliers are and what products they manufacture.

Keyword Scout

This is a tool which allows you to use Keywords or ASINs to find out what exactly Amazon customers are searching for. In other words, it allows you to see what exactly Amazon customers want to buy, so you can improve your PPC campaign to achieve more clicks and sales.


Launch is another neat feature, one which allows you to create custom promotion campaigns and email marketing campaigns. This is something which helps you improve communication with customers and potential customers. It’s all about building leads and a solid customer base that is going to keep coming back to you for more.

Sales Analytics

Finally, the other important feature you get with Jungle Scout™ is the sales analytics feature. This is something which is essentially your financial command center. It helps track and organize your FBA sales, revenue, expenses, and everything in between. It allows you to see how individual products are doing in terms of sales, so you can make adjustments where and when required.

Who Jungle Scout™ is Best Suited For

Jungle Scout™ is best suited for people who are at the beginning of the Amazon affiliate website building process, as well as at the end too. If you don’t know what products or niches to engage in for the most sales, Jungle Scout™ is here for you. It’s designed specifically for people who want to build a great Amazon affiliate site, but don’t know where to start.


There are several options you can go with in terms of pricing and packages.

  • Jungle Scout™ — $49 Monthly
  • Chrome Extension — $39 Monthly
  • Jungle Scout™ + Chrome Extension — $69 Monthly (Save $19 per month)


Is Jungle Scout™ only for Amazon?

Yes, Jungle Scout™ is all about Amazon products.

Is Jungle Scout™ expensive?

Relatively speaking, Jungle Scout™ is not the cheapest analytics tool around for Amazon affiliates, but it’s not the most expensive either.

How many products can I research with Jungle Scout™

There are over 70 million products available for analysis with this app.


At the end of the day, if you need a very good analytics tools to determine the most seller-friendly niches and products to feature on your Amazon affiliate site, Jungle Scout™ might just be the best way to go about it. It will help you find products, create a selling strategy, it helps you take advantage of keywords and SEO, and even helps analyze your own sales to see what areas you can improve on. Jungle Scout™ is a killer tool that is ideal for both pro and beginner affiliate retailers.

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