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Search engines look for more than just what words your website has or how many people visit you per day. One of the most commonly overlooked metrics are backlinks, links from other websites that direct to yours. Like any search metric, backlinking can be good or bad; well constructed backlinks will boost your rankings, and backlinks that are improperly programmed or that appear with little surrounding content will cause a penalty. helps put small businesses in control of external backlinks by mimicking the way major search engines work and giving a comprehensive report on websites linking to their own.

Sometimes, this report will highlight links as being damaging to your search profile; they may be part of a defunct site, or even deliberately placed by competitors to damage your results. Thankfully, Google search analytics, the body driving well beyond 90% of search traffic in the modern world, allow you to disavow a link. This process will make sure you are not penalized for someone else’s shoddy work or malicious actions, but you’ll need to find these harmful links to disavow them. has developed their own link locator, or crawler, to track down and flag harmful links to help you get rid of the ballast.

A major weakness in most SEO tools is reliance on external databases and indexes – with the incredible amounts of data that need to be processed for every search, even the fractions of a second per result begin to add up. bypasses this by creating its own aggregate data, avoiding both unneeded delays and the possibility of malevolent data manipulation by other websites looking to throw off rival SEO engines. clients are supported by in-house SEO experts that work to process the data quickly and effectively, with no reliance on third parties that might serve as a detriment to the effort.

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