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Search engines take a number of factors into account when deciding what websites should be displayed first. The whole point of a search engine is showing users what they want to see, so ranking criteria are based around that – whether the website is popular, what words it contains, and whether links to and from that site are useful to the user. That last one is known as backlinking, and despite being a key component of search engine rankings, many businesses forfeit valuable search rankings by not paying the attention it deserves. is formed with that very oversight in mind, helping anyone with a website to grow to boost their search rankings quickly and easily by cleaning up unhelpful links to or from their website. With an automated auditing tool to aggregate search rankings and algorithms from all the industry leaders, linkresearchtools can give a reliable readout of what links are causing a website’s rankings to fall and how to fix them. It is also capable of compiling them into reports by time or origin, allowing site administrators to focus their cleanup efforts more precisely on the problem.

As much as bad links to your website can harm it, you can earn higher spots on search engines by setting beneficial links on your own website. Linkresearchtools uses proprietary AI software unavailable to the public market to build and improve your hosted backlinks, gaining the crucial search ranking points that keep a website visible over the competition.

Proper backlinking can’t be simply adding the URL of another website anywhere you please, though; doing this is actually counterproductive, as many search engines will flag it as spam and interpret it negatively. With the Link Detox and Quality Control tools, linkresearchtools can proactively check any links you post to make sure they are SEO-ready and will give exclusively positive influences on your search rankings.

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