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Data is a concept as nebulous as it is powerful in the online marketplace. Every business needs it, and none so much as one trying to get the top spot in search results: every aspect of a website is compared and catalogued with similar aspects from thousands of others, and knowing what those other are and how they act can be a crucial factor in bringing your website to the top of the results. Majestic takes SEO one step further than other optimization platforms by maintaining and utilizing its own databases, comprising well over a billion unique addresses and continually growing their map of links to websites worldwide. 

Majestic has more than just SEO capabilities rooting for it, though. A Majestic trace can root out broken or defunct backlinks to your site and gives you a wide range of options for dealing with them, including finding the contact information for the site manager and streaming the disavowal process to get rid of detrimental links at top speed. Nor is the service restricted to mainstream search engines; Majestic’s databases can be used as the foundation for tailoring apps and content to come out on top of searches in any corner of the web. 

One of Majestic’s most useful tools is its strategic mapping technology, which constantly grows a database of links between different sites. This technology won the Queen’s Award for Innovation two years in a row and allows Majestic to supply clients with enormously detailed reports without the need for external searches or databases, reducing costs and search time. Majestic’s backlink tracker even takes into account the link context, such as position on the page and the reason it is there, giving an unprecedented level of insight into what links might be having a positive or negative effect on the client’s website. 

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