Mangools Tools Review

A business owner or a marketer, everyone wants to have the edge over their competitors in their respective niche.

If you want to stand out in the market, you have to focus on your website’s traffic and exponential growth, which you can achieve through SEO tools

Are you looking for the most effective and brisk way to generate immense traffic on your website?

If your answer is YES, then you have to look for the premium SEO tools to help you out.

One of the things I want to clarify is that SEO can be done without any tool and SEO-software. If you are aiming to get traffic on Google, then without tools is next to impossible.

There are plenty of free and paid (or premium) SEO tools available in the market, but today we will focus on the “Mangools.” 

What is Mangools?

“Mangools: Juicy tools you will love.” 

Mangools is the all-in-one online SEO-software which gives you access to the top 5 SEO tools, namely:

  • KWFinder is a keyword research tool where you can find the best keywords relating to your niche.
  • SERPChecker stands for Search Engine Results Page Checker, an analyzing tool that helps you find the sites ranking for your target keywords in multiple locations.
  • SERPWatcher is a rank tracking tool that regularly checks your rankings for the keywords on the search results.
  • LinkMiner is a backlink analysis tool that helps you monitor your competitors’ backlinks and help you build backlinks for your website.
  • SiteProfiler is a website analysis tool that brings your competitors’ websites under the spotlight. 

Mangools designed its tools user-friendly, which makes it easy to use for everyone. Unlike other marketing tools, Mangools offers access to all features, even in their basic plan.

Now, we will look after the different SEO tools provided by Mangools one-by-one.

1. KWFinder Tool

One of the things which differentiate KWFinder from other tools is that the user interface is very smooth; even an inexperienced person can use it without any complications.

If I am not wrong, it’s one of the cheapest keyword research tools available in the market. Irrespective of the affordable price, it provides a tremendous result.

With KWFinder, you can search a keyword, select any local language, and even define your results for a particular city. If you are looking to drive local search traffic, then this type of location-based searches can be very crucial.

There are different metrics in KWFinder, which you can discover, such as keyword difficulty, trends, monthly search volumes, CPC, PPC, and Google SERP results.

You can look at organic keywords and the paid keywords, where organic keywords are those for which website ranks for organic search results, and, paid keywords results when sites appear for Google Ads results.

With KWFinder, you can easily find the keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volume. You can even find your competitors’ best keywords for which they are ranked by just entering their domain in the tool.

2. SERPChecker

SERPChecker is a convenient tool if you wish to monitor your competitors’ activity. You just have to enter your target keyword, and it will show you which of your competitors are using it, what’s their position in the search engine. 

This tool not only helps you to tell how many websites are ranking for the particular keyword, but it will also allow you to check the difficulty level of the keyword to rank in the search results. 

There is a range of SEO metrics provided by the SERPChecker like Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Referring Domains, and many more, based on which you get the details of every page ranking for the particular keyword.

With SERPChecker, you can search for your results in your country and other cities and countries. You can even structure your result more precisely by choosing the device as Desktop or Mobile, and, it will give you a preview of search results as per your selection of the country and device.

Finally, you’ll be able to figure out which one is more effective, either the organic campaign or the paid campaign.

3. SERPWatcher

If you don’t track how your keywords are ranking in the search engine, you’ll never find out what is working for you and what is not. 

You always have to be updated for your ranking for your target keywords. And, here, SERPWatcher comes into the picture.

SERPWatcher is a rank tracking tool that offers some fruitful features like dominance index, estimated visits, localized results, keyword position, and many more for tracking the overall progress.

You can select the time frame to check the keyword position, which means the result of a particular keyword will change is you choose different time frames.

In case you are still confused about whether to opt for this tool or not; then, you should go for a demo track where you‘ll be able to use all the features. 

4. LinkMiner

Backlinks are one of the strategies to grow your websites in the search engine rankings. They provide authority to your website and trust among searchers. To spot such backlinks is the most essential part, as it can help you to grow organically.

LinkMiner is a backlink checker tool with which you can analyze the pages that are linked to your competitors’ webpages but also, the links they have lost in recent times.

Based on the type of search, LinkMiner offers:

  • All links: based on the latest and historical indexes.
  • New links: based on daily updated backlinks within 30 days
  • Lost links: deleted backlinks

LinkMiner offers various metrics through which you can analyze your competitors’ domain. The metrics are:

  • Citation Flow
  • Trust Flow
  • Referring IPs
  • Referring Domains
  • Total Backlinks 

You can even sort the links relevant to your business, which helps you build your marketing strategy.

5. SiteProfiler

SiteProfiler is the last and the latest tool added in the Mangools SEO package. 

SiteProfiler is a website analysis tool that brings all the website insights into one place. You can use this tool effortlessly as you just have to enter the domain and hit the “analyze website” button. 

Anchor text is as important as the Backlinks, and you can find the anchor text that is being used in your niche by the SiteProfiler.

SiteProfiler recommends using the root domain as an input because most of the metrics are calculated domain-based.

You’ll be able to analyze the data concerning domain authority, page authority, citation flow, trust flow, Alexa rank, Referring IPs, Facebook shares, backlinks, top content, audience, and competitors.

Mangools Plans and Pricing

Mangools comes up with three plans, which cost you between $29 – $79 per month for an annual plan. If you are a beginner and new to the SEO world, then I recommend you either “Mangools Basic” or “Mangools Premium” plan.

If you compare Mangools with other SEO tools, you’ll find that it is very affordable. Even if you opt for the basic plan, you’ll get 5 SEO tools within $30, which I think is a tremendous and valuable deal. 

If you still doubt in choosing the right plan for yourself then here’s some advice:

  • Basic: This plan will cost you $29 per month billed annually, and $49 per month if you take it monthly. Its basically for beginners, and you’ll be able to get 200 keywords suggestion per search, 100 keywords lookups, and 100 SERP lookups a day.
  • Premium: This plane can be used by professional bloggers, SEO experts, etc.  You will get 700 keywords suggestion per search, 500 keywords lookups, and 500 SERP lookups a day. You’ll be able to access this plan by $39 per month billed annually, and $69 per month billed monthly
  • Agency: As the name suggests, this plan is for the agencies. The plan will cost you $79 per month billed annually and $129 per month billed monthly. This plan provides an impressive 700 keywords suggestion per search, 1200 keywords lookups, and 1200 SERP lookups a day. 

Mangools Pros and Cons


  • Five SEO tools in one suite.
  • Affordable in comparison to other SEO tools.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Track websites’ target keywords automatically.
  • 24*7 customer service


  • You have to log on to 5 different tools separately.
  • Their databases are not as large as its competitors like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush.
  • For the agency plan, there is no individual dashboard for clients, as other SEO tools have.


Mangools is a tremendous SEO suite of tools that is hard to beat. 

It helps marketers to succeed in their niche by providing the best keyword research to competitive analysis. If you are looking for an SEO marketing tool with the best service at an affordable price, then Mangools should be your first choice.

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