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Moz is a search engine optimization (SEO) company that provides a range of services to make small businesses appear higher and more frequently on search engines of all kinds. These services range from simple keyword analysis to make your website appear more frequently in an online search to a full concierge service that actively manages a business’s search engine and website traffic to make them more visible to the internet as a whole. 

Moz’s services center around a robust data analytics service that tells the client what keywords are being searched to find them, and how frequently. This data allows the client to eliminate unhelpful keywords and use more common ones instead, making them appear to more users more frequently. More common keywords tend to be more attractive to users as well, so Moz’s analytic programs can help businesses redesign their websites to attract increased traffic. 

To help businesses focus their advertising where it will attract the maximum number of customers, Moz lets businesses target their advertising by restricting it to URLs originating within a certain area of the physical place of business. By synchronizing URL origins, browser location data, and cellular data packages, Moz lets business owners build an extensive database of their customers’  locations and concentrate both digital and physical efforts in relevant areas, saving funds otherwise spent ineffectively on other regions.

All of this is concentrated through the Moz SEO toolbar, a minute add-on to the business owner’s browser that gives real-time reports on search engine hits, website traffic, and possible issues that might be putting the business in a lower spot on search engine readouts. These issues may be broken links, ineffective keywords, or blank site pages, just to name a few; Moz’s toolbar snaps the owner straight to the issue to allow for quick and precise repairs to the website and continual ascent in the search engine rankings.

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