Add to wishlistAdded to wishlistRemoved from wishlist 0 is a digital marketing platform that helps SEO agencies determine which strategies of theirs are most effective, and to what extent. At the heart of all search engine optimization is the need to know what people are searching for; Nightwatch gives digital marketing services a strong and intuitive platform to track keyword use and identify which words show up how often, allowing them to redesign the client’s content to appear relevant to the maximum number of search users.

As the whole point of SEO is to put the client’s website in the top spot on an internet search, it is critical to know the website’s current ranking. Nightwatch’s rank tracking service provides live updates on how individual addresses are ranked by search engine and geographical location, letting businesses know what markets and mediums are seeing them the most and which ones need improvement. Aggregated data from industry leaders in search traffic analytics puts together a global and local picture of hits on the website in question and empowers digital marketing firms to make minute-by-minute changes to keep the site climbing the ranks.

Many search engines automatically downgrade sites with certain flaws, such as broken code, missing tags, or faulty hyperlinks. These flaws are rarely visible to front-end checking or consumers; site owners will need to get under the hood of their website, a daunting task requiring extensive programmer time and effort. As checking through every line of code in a site can tax even the best of support teams, Nightwatch speeds things along with an automated site audit that rapidly and methodically checks each piece of the client’s site for problematic elements and flags them for immediate, concentrated repair efforts. This process can be scheduled well in advance and set to repeat as necessary, giving regular reports on a website’s issues and powering a dynamic process of site repair and improvement.

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