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It is a fairly basic concept in SEO that backlinking  – having another website link to your own – is a good thing. It shows search engines that others are interested in your content and gives a commensurate boost to your rankings. It is less common knowledge, though, that some links can actually result in penalties in your search rankings; links that are improperly programmed, for example, or that originate on pages with little other content, are negatively ranked by search engines. Ranksignals emulates search engine patterns to find these negative links and bring them to your attention immediately, letting you take action to improve them before they damage your traffic. 

Most ranking engines are fairly cumbersome, requiring heavy amounts of processing power and a significant commitment from the client. Ranksignals takes things to the other extreme, with their entire product marketed along an SaaS (software as a service) business plan, keeping all the heavy computing offsite and  showing the client only what they need to know. A business’s whole interface with Ranksignals can be as small as an extension on Google’s Chrome web browser. That same extension takes effect across devices and platforms, allowing business owners to keep an eye on their search rankings and backlink profiles wherever they are. 

No online marketing tool is complete without a careful eye towards social media trends. These statistics are one of the most powerful driving forces in online marketing and staying ahead of them can mean many thousands of visits gained or lost in less than a day. Ranksignals makes a point of following leading platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to check for trend shifts and search metrics, giving businesses a detailed real-time account of the latest fashion and keeping them informed of possible opportunities to gain traffic, customers, and visibility in the online market. 

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