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SEO is a diverse field with numerous aspects to it. Many SEO platforms have been created solely on the premise of addressing one single facet of the topic, such as keyword advice or backlink tracking, but this leaves potential holes and in SEO coverage and is often too limited a solution to fully optimize a website. Ranktracker has made a point of covering every angle of SEO, giving clients maximum optimization from their base code to their affiliate links. Additionally, Ranktracker doesn’t stop at the small or medium business; there are solutions available for any level of company or content, so you can be assured of results no matter what you are marketing. 

Ranktracker also navigates another pitfall of SEO marketing, getting stuck in only one set of databases. By correlating data from a wealth of different sources, Ranktracker crosses national, geographical, and demographical feeds to find the precise areas and clients that are most attracted to your business. This allows clients to either increase sales to interested parties or use Ranktracker’s billions-strong keyword database to target new users with fresh and engaging content that they will want to see. 

When it comes to targeting audiences, the more exact the data the better. Ranktracker clients can cross-reference search traffic as precisely as the area code and municipality that originated the search, and track that data by what search engine was used across all the most popular browsers, engines, and platforms. Also on offer is tracking what kind of searches are being made; by knowing if users are seeking goods, services, information or entertainment, business owners can modify their sites to more effectively provide users the experience they are after. Happier users will tend to return more, leading to increased site traffic and a commensurate rise in visibility and rankings as your site grows more popular. 

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