Sellics Review

Sellics Review

Whether you are a seller, a vendor, or an agency representing both vendors and sellers, getting started on Amazon can be quite a challenge. Life can be made easier if the right software is at your disposal, software that can help increase organic traffic, automate PPC campaigns, track profits, and more. The issue is that often sellers and vendors require many different tools, all of which work towards the same end goal. In this article, we want to discuss a software tool for Amazon sales known as Sellics, an all-in-one tool for sellers, vendors, and more.

What Sellics Does

Sellics is software designed to help maximize success on Amazon, specifically sales. Sellics has a number of functions, such as increasing and analyzing sales, automating PPC campaigns, increasing organic traffic and more. What is also worth noting is that Sellics caters to vendors, sellers, and agencies too, all with slightly different features. When it comes down to it, according to the site, sellers and vendors using Sellics have increased revenue by 42%, with a 60% increase in ROI for Amazon campaigns.

How Sellics Works

Sellics works by providing sellers, vendors, and agencies with all of the tools and systems required to increase traffic, sales, and more. For instance, when it comes to sellers, Sellics allows sellers to automate PPC campaigns, improve and monitor SEO, deal with reviews, engage in in-depth product research, monitor competitors, manage inventory, and more. Customers also get access to a variety of resources which are informational in nature and teach you how to use not only Sellics, but how to make the most out of any Amazon retail journey.

Features of Sellics

Sellics comes with a wide variety of features, too many to list in one place. Although Sellics can work for service vendors and representative agencies, it’s sellers that are a big part of the equation, so for our purposes, we are going to focus on seller-oriented features.

Profit Dashboard

One big feature you get is the profit dashboard, which features fully automated calculations of your real profits on Amazon. You get to see your gross revenue, and then the deductions, such as fees, taxes, promos, etc., to give you an accurate and fast analysis of your profits.

PPC Manager

Something which can help you maximize your revenue is the PPC manager, which helps you to automated your PPC campaigns and focus on the profits. It allows for fully automated PPC campaigns, and this takes the hard work out of the equation so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Amazon Ranking Optimizer

Another really vital feature that you get with Sellics is the Amazon rankings optimizer, which helps you to research the most important keywords, optimize product listings, track keyword rankings, and pretty much everything else to do with keywords. It’s all about SEO and making the most of it.

Competitor Monitoring

What also comes in handy in terms of maximizing your own sales and seller performance is the ability to monitor exactly what the competition is doing. With Sellics’ competitor monitoring feature, you can do just that. You can find your top competitors, how they perform, where they outperform you, and more. It’s all about seeing what the competition is doing so you can change your strategy to get ahead in the game.

Product Research

Finding the right products to sell and the right product niches, can be a challenge, but the Sellics’ product research feature helps make the process a whole lot easier. With this feature, you can find the most profitable product niches, the most profitable products to sell, and more. Here you can filter through over 10,000 of the bestselling Amazon products.

Review Management

Being in contact with customers and seeing what they have to say is also crucial. With Sellics’ review management system, you will be notified when people leave reviews on your products, you will see how those reviews affect your star rating, and you can prioritize the most important reviews to respond to. Here, it’s all about providing quick responses and a customer-friendly experience.

Inventory Management

Yet another thing which Sellics allows you to do is to manage your inventory so you never run out of stock or have too much of it. You will get low inventory alerts and more.

Who Sellics is Best Suited For

Sellics is best suited for Amazon sellers who need a bit of help in all aspects of the sales process. It’s something that will help sellers optimize listings for SEO, find the right product niches and products to sell, monitor reviews and engage with customers, manage inventory, and more. Yes, Sellics can be used by professionals, but when it comes down to it, it’s best used by beginners. That said, Sellics has different packages for sellers, vendors, and seller/vendor reps.


Sellics for Sellers

  • Monthly — $67
  • Biannual — $57 monthly
  • Annual — $47 monthly

Sellics for Vendors

Price varies depending on services required

Agency Edition

Requires a personal quote


By how much can I reduce my ACoS?

The average reduction of ACoS with Sellics is around 50%.

Are there any discounts available?

There are discounts available if you go with full-yearly plans.

For which Amazon markets is Sellics Available?

Currently it is available in 6, which include US, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and France, with more on the way.


Whether you are a seller, a vendor, or an agency, Sellics has a package that is ideal for everybody. The bottom line is that if you need an all-in-one analytics and optimization tool to research products, spy on the competition, increase organic traffic, manage inventory, and more, Sellics is a great tool to consider using.

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