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Backlinks are the hyperlinks from another website to your own, and they are an important metric for your search engine optimization: Google assumes that the more people link to your website, the more important it is and the higher on the search results it should go. SEOJet helps small to medium businesses map out their links and develop aggressive strategies to gain search rankings and other advantages by building and maintaining a competitive backlink profile. By using both proactive and passive backlink improvement techniques, SEOJet gets you the ranking boost you need faster and keeps the business at the top once it gets there.

As part of building a high-quality backlink profile, SEOJet builds an ‘outreach’ page for the business, finding and analyzing content creators such as bloggers and channel managers that might be willing to host a backlink to the website. By targeting social media trends or sectors and proactively building connections with the individuals behind them, SEOJet can gain your business viral popularity, boosting website traffic and encouraging more and more people to host and use your links. Each link hosted and website visit gives your business just a little more credibility to search engines, translating directly into a higher spot in the results.

Backlink tracking can also be used to get a leg up on the competition. SEOJet tracks up to ten leading competitors in any field, tracing their most commonly searched keywords and phrases and noting where their websites are backlinks for comparison to your own. This data allows you to rapidly build a more competitive backlink profile by changing your keywords to those used by the strongest in the sector, giving an immediate advantage the next time someone searches for businesses in your field. At the same time, it will also hunt down poorly constructed links that are subject to search penalties, allowing you to quickly disavow them and rid your business of unwanted ballast.

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