In the increasing competition world, it’s a real challenge to increase (or maintain) your website rankings and outrank your competitors as well.

There was a time when you could use various techniques (or shortcuts) to grow organic traffic. Still, it’s challenging to increase your website rankings without monitoring and analyzing your competitors’ strategies.

But how do you discover more opportunities to rank your website?

A simple solution, i.e., by using SEO Tools.

SISTRIX is one of the SEO tools that can help you compare your sites’ visibility in the SERPs, discover backlink opportunities, and much more.

In this article, we will look at all the toolkits offered by SISTRIX and how you can use each tool to increase your search engines’ visibility.

Firstly, let’s understand what SISTRIX is all about.

SISTRIX Overview

SISTRIX is a collection of various tools that helps you to discover and measure digital market visibility based on Google’s algorithm.

Back in 2008, Johannes Beus, an SEO consultant, launched the SISTRIX in which he first created the visibility index. The intent of creating a visibility index tool was to have a visual representation of keywords that ranked on SERPs.

After being successful with his first tool, he introduced other modules that came under the SISTRIX Toolbox. Those modules are SEO, Link, Social, Optimizer, Ads, and Marketplace.

We will now see the SISTRIX review with how you can use the SISTRIX toolbox to increase your website visibility in search engines.


SISTRIX Review with its Features and Module

SISTRIX Toolbox is best known for its modules that can be used for various purposes like competitor analysis, keyword research, site audit, visibility index, and much more.

Let’s discuss each module one-by-one.

SEO Module

With the SEO Module, you can analyze visibility index, ranking changes, top content, rankings, and discover keywords. Once you sign up and click on “SEO” from the top bar; you will be redirected to the below page.

List of SEO Modules

You can access the various modules that help you analyze your or your competitors’ domain or keyword.

If you visit the dashboard, you can view your domain overview, top keywords, top paths, URLs, links, and more.

Screenshot of Domain Overview

Today, we will discuss the Visibility Index (which is the primary reason for starting SISTRIX).

SISTRIX Visibility Index is a value that indicates the visibility of any domain in the search engine results. You can also filter the results within the SERPs for a specific country.

In simpler words, you can monitor your SEO activities and understand whether all the activities are going in the right direction or not. You can view your rankings precisely through a graph.

Graph showing the change in Visibility Index

The results are based on top 100 positions from a list of millions of different keywords, and it is updated (or calculated) twice every two weeks, once for desktop and once for mobile search.

SISTRIX crawl the keywords, calculate the visibility index for desktop and mobile over the weekend, and generate results on the next Monday. You can also visit SISTRIX’s official site for more information on Visibility Index.

Within the SEO Module, you can perform competitor analysis, view site structure, and analyze keyword rankings.

The keyword rank tracking is one of the sections every marketer looks for in an SEO tool. And, SISTRIX also allows you to monitor real-time rank tracking for your keywords. You can even view the search volume, competition, trend, and CPC for your keywords.

Keywords position, search volume, competition, trend, and CPC

After the visibility index, I’ve used “Ranking Changes” the most. It will display you all the keywords that have contributed to improving your website rankings. Navigate to SEO > Keywords > Ranking Changes, and you will see a table like this:

Keyword Ranking Changes Overview

In the table, the “Change” shows the keyword ranking position improvements. The “Competition” shows how much your competitors use a particular keyword, while the “Search Volume” shows how much the specific keyword is searched.

Optimizer Module

The Optimizer Module helps you to analyze technical issues within your site. It generates a report showing the number of errors, issues, and notices. It also recommends which issue needed to be resolved first.

Optimizer Module Review

Apart from showing the issues, it also displays each issue’s location and explains the required actions.

Optimizer Module also checks for the changes in your website since the last crawl. And the reports will show you all the updates accordingly.

You might be thinking about how it can be useful for you.

Suppose, you saw a significant drop in your rankings or a page disappear from the search index. At that time, this tool shows you all the changes, and you can identify which changes might have caused the issues.

Crawl Report in Optimizer Module

You can add up to five accounts within the Optimizer because it may be possible for one issue to be resolved by a web developer. The other issues to be managed by another developer.

You can monitor up to 1,000 keywords weekly for 50 countries, and these keywords will be calculated according to their visibility index. You can then analyze the keywords against your six competitors to measure the performance so that you can make necessary improvements within your website.

Link Module

Backlinks are an integral part when it comes to rank better in the search engine results. SISTRIX introduced a link module to analyze the strength and weaknesses of your backlinks using Majestic data.

You can monitor 10,000 links every day using the Link Module. SISTRIX crawls 250,000 pages per minute, which means 10 billion pages per month. As a result, it updates more than 250 billion links per month.

Navigate to Links to view an overview of your links like this:

Link Module Review

From the left-bar menu, you can see various links such as new links, lost links, and many more. Apart from that, it also evaluates broken links of the incoming domain that helps you to redirect people to the part of websites that people are likely to appreciate.

Links Overview

You can also see whether your backlinks are reaching the correct destination or not. Go to “Linked Pages” and then click on “Check Availability” to live check the different status codes of your top linked pages.

Here, the issues show up quickly, and you can see the urgency level in the number of links that are linking to the particular page.

Below are the links with different status codes: 301, 302, 307 redirects (yellow), and 200 (green). 200 status code means the page is live without any issues. In our example, there is no 404 status; otherwise, it is depicted in red.

Status Code of Links

One of the most useful options in Link Module is analyzing your competitors’ backlinks and comparing all of them with yours to outrank your competitors.

Navigate to “Opportunities” under the Links menu. Then, you need to add up to three of your competitors’ domains, and SISTRIX will generate a list of all the link opportunities that you can use for yourself.

Link Opportunities

Ads Module

In the above modules, we have seen how SISTRIX helps you with organic research. However, it can help you with paid ads research as well.

The Ads Module provides insights for your Google Ads and Google Shopping Campaigns. You can use that information to increase CTR and reduce the CPC of your paid campaigns.

The Overview section of Ads Module will show you various metrics such as paid keywords, profile, wordcount, display position, the strength of competition, and the history of paid keywords.

Ads Module Overview

You can use the Ads Module to view analytics about your display URLs, ad copy, and banner ads. As I used banner ads for my website, so I will discuss more in detail about it.

Firstly, you’ve to enter your domain name in the search bar and then look for “Banner Ads” in the Ads Module menu. I will take the domain ‘’ for this example.

I will directly use figures that are only related to my example.

Once you click on Banner Ads, you will see 14 banners found on five websites. You can also view the dimensions of the four most popular banners. In the last section, you can find the most popular target domains that help you analyze your competitors.

Below the table, you will see the example of banner ads. And, to view all the banners, click on “Show More Banner Ads.”

Review the Different type of ads running by your competitors

This is useful as you can see how your competitors’ use the banners for their display ads.

If you scroll down, you will see a section named “Latest Banner Ads Found.” It displays all the websites on which SISTRIX’s crawler found ad material that points to your searched domain, in our example,

Latest Banner Ads

Here, you can see the source, dimension, and target of the ads. Additionally, you can see if retargeting is active (checkmark has a dark-grey color).

You can further filter the ads to view the better results based on the source, width, and height of ads, target, and retargeting.

Social Module

SISTRIX Social Module helps you to find large audiences over social media. Although those audiences are not going to be your target audience, you might get some ideas about the type of content people are loving in the market.

Once you login to the SISTRIX Toolbox, navigate to Social Modul, and then you will see the overview of the social signals for your searched domain.

Social Module Dashboard

You can also view the history of social signals for the domain. As of now, Social Module supports Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest data.

Graph showing history of your social media performance

I use Social Module to analyze the URLs that have been shared most across various social media networks. It helps you monitor competitor activities and take inspiration from their social media activities to increase your engagement.

Under the Social Module menu, click on “Top URLs.” The table shows you the URLs with the most shared content on Facebook and Pinterest.

List of Top URLs based on social media likes and followers

The above table is sorted based on the total numbers of shares for both networks are summed up. You can also sort the table by clicking any of the columns.

Social media is a matter of how much you are updated. For example, if you are creating content that the audience liked one year back, then releasing that content will not be useful.

And, SISTRIX helps you to create the most engaging content liked by the audience in the current situation.

Navigate to “New URLs” under the Social Module menu. You can see the new URLs found by SISTRIX based on the total number of shares across social media.

List of New URLs based on the total number of shares across social media

In the “Found” section, you can see the URLs that were found two hours ago (in our example), in some cases, you will find updates hourly. However, I didn’t like that you cannot sort the table based on the most recent “New URLs” found.

Marketplace Module

If you’re an Amazon seller, then Marketplace Module is the best fit for you because it provides insights from the Amazon platform.

Currently, Marketplace Module is in beta version and is free-to-use, whether you opt for single or each module. Sign in to your account and navigate to Marketplace, you will see an overview of brand visibility index, brand overview, products, seller and more.

Marketplace Module Overview

If you want to increase your sales on Amazon, you’ve to assess product listings against various criteria. You can focus on the essential aspects of a product listing to outrank your competitors. To do so, navigate to the “Optimization” section from the left-bar menu.

The Marketplace monitors your Amazon product details and recommends you how to optimize your product listings based on various factors:

  • Short product description
  • Too few images
  • Un-formatted description
  • Too few reviews
  • Poor reviews
  • Unverified review
  • Title is too long
  • Title is all lowercase
  • High-resolution images missing

Once you optimize your product listings, it’s time to uncover all of your competitors. To view competitors, click on the “Seller” tab.

Search for the merchant name to analyze their visibility index, products, ratings, and more.

Seller Analysis search box

After entering the merchant name, click on the “Competitors” section from the left-bar menu. Then, you’ll see a list of competitors sort by visibility index. You can use this data to view product ranges and reviews to improve your rankings.

Competitors List

SISTRIX also alerts you whenever there’s a new review on your product. This can be useful if someone gives a negative review of your product, then you can take some action before it damages your brand position.


SISTRIX Pricing Plans

SISTRIX is an affordable and expensive tool both at the same time. This is because all the modules (we discussed above) sold as a separate package.

That means you’ve to pay only for what you need. So, it’s affordable if you are just starting out and need a single module. But, it becomes expensive if you want to use all modules simultaneously.

Pricing Plans Review

Each module includes various features such as white-label reports, API access, six user accounts, a full history of every domain, unlimited domain analysis, and unrestricted functionality.

Unlike other tools, it charges you monthly (no option for an annual subscription). Each module costs you 100€ per month plus VAT (Value Added Tax). However, you can use the Marketplace module for free as it is in the beta version.

You might be thinking if you want to opt for all the modules, then it will cost you 100€ per month.

Wrong! SISTRIX offers a discount from the third module onwards.

The below table will help you to understand the pricing structure of SISTRIX.

Number of Modules

Total Price (per month)

Savings (per month)














If you’re unsure whether to go with this tool or not, you can try the SISTRIX toolbox utterly free of charge for 14 days.


SISTRIX Alternatives

SISTRIX is a great SEO tool, but a person who is starting cannot afford all the modules. In that case, you can also check out the best alternatives to SISTRIX.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a cloud-based all-in-one SEO software that offers keyword suggestions, website audits, competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, SEO audits, etc. Its social media management tool helps you to maximize your digital marketing activities.

SE Ranking

If you’re a newbie in the SEO world, you don’t have to worry. SE Ranking introduced a marketing plan that includes SEO guides and best-practice SEO checklists that help you create your SEO strategies.

The Keyword Rank Tracker allows you to track your rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Yandex for any location and device (desktop and mobile). Along with keywords, you can add up to 5 competitors and compare their rankings to yours.

SE Ranking analyze various SEO parameters, including index status, URL structure, link analysis, keyword density, image and content analysis, header tags, title and meta description, page load time, etc., to improve your site rankings.

The Optimum plan of SE Ranking starts from $39 per month that offers you to track 250 keywords and crawl up to 25,000 pages for a website audit. The most expensive plan is the Enterprise plan that costs you $189 per month.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is an all-in-one SEO tool platform for agencies, freelancers, and in-house marketers. It helps you to manage search engine optimization, online advertising campaigns, and social media conversions.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools includes various features such as marketing reports, competitor domain research, website audit, SERP rank tracker, keyword research, backlink checker, keyword rank tracker, link spying, and social media tracking.

It integrates with Moz, Majestic, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, YouTube, and much more.

You can analyze your website based on more than 15 metrics, including page speed, image optimization, title and meta description, body content, and other issues. You can also schedule your site audit weekly or monthly.

The Basic plan of Raven Tools starts from $49 per month that offers you to monitor 25,000 links and crawl up to 50,000 pages monthly. The most expensive plan is the Lead plan, which costs $479 per month.



SISTRIX is an all-in-one package that covers most of your SEO needs. With various tools available in the SISTRIX toolbox, you can perform competitor analysis, keyword research, new backlink opportunities, and the right amount of monitoring.

However, it’s confusing for beginners looking for a self-explanatory tool – this in-depth review will help you to use the SISTRIX properly.

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