Squarespace Review

Squarespace Review

If you need to build a website fast, make it look good, get it up and running yesterday, but you don’t have the technical skills or time needed to do so, you might want to look into a website-building solution such as Squarespace. Whether you are a blogger, photographer, restauranteur, or online retailer, if you need a functional website fast, Squarespace has you covered.

What Squarespace Does

Squarespace is an all-in-one, comprehensive, and all-inclusive website building solution, and this can be a website for any purpose. Many people are going to use Squarespace’s online store builder to create amazing e-commerce websites, but it can be used to create blog or gallery sites too. Simply put, for a very low cost, Squarespace provides you with everything you need to create, design, and manage a fully functional website.

How Squarespace Works

Squarespace works by allowing you to transfer an old domain or use a new one for your new site. There are extensive and user-friendly website-building tools to allow you to modify and customize the look of your website using videos, images, text, and more. Squarespace allows people to create basic websites, but there are also a range of tools and options to create e-commerce websites. Simply put, Squarespace works by providing you with a wide array of comprehensive and easy website-building features to go from zero to totally online in a limited amount of time.

Features of Squarespace

The Squarespace website and e-commerce store builder comes with lots of user-friendly and functional features to help you get online and selling products fast.

The Online Store Builder

One cool feature that you get with Squarespace is the complete online store builder. Here, it all starts with the ability to choose a template and style for your online store to follow.

You then get access to a variety of product-selling tools and features, such as rich and complete product display, automatic inventory management, the ability to sell unlimited products, and powerful shipping calculator features.

There are a number of seller services and tools available to you, including scheduling online appointments through booking calendars, collecting customer emails, and building emailing lists, announcing latest news through integrated social channels, and embedding maps to help customers find your business.

With Squarespace, you can also sell subscriptions, sell digital content, and collect donations too.

The payment, checkout, and tax options are quite flexible, as Squarespace comes with built-in tax tools, allows you to offer discounts and gift cards, there are secure checkouts for every device, and you can improve conversion with abandoned cart recovery.

Squarespace also allows you to manage your store on the go with integrated barcode scanners for shipping labels, the ability to manage inventory from anywhere, and it’s all available on both Android and iOS.

The Website Builder

Squarespace is actually a tool designed to build all kinds of websites, not just ecommerce websites. Musicians, restaurants, venues, and everything in between can use Squarespace to create a great website, whether it’s an online sales site or not.

With Squarespace, you can choose from a variety of award-winning web designs, themes, and templates to make your site look stunning.

If you have work to present, you can then use custom portfolios to display your work in the best light possible. You can also take advantage of the blogging tools included.

There are also a variety of SEO and analytical tools at your disposal too.

The fact of the matter is that Squarespace provides a variety of services for a variety of website types, whether business pages, display pages, online commerce sites, or anything in between. With Squarespace, you get features related to all of these, so you can easily and quickly build a site from scratch with minimal effort.

  • Website templates
  • Website building
  • Domains
  • Online store creation
  • Marketing tools
  • Email marketing
  • Scheduling
  • Logo maker

Who Squarespace is Best Suited For

Squarespace is best suited for people who want an easy, user-friendly, affordable, and comprehensive all-in-one website building tool. Whether you are an artist looking to feature your work online, a restaurant displaying a menu, an online retailer of any good or product, or anything in between, if you need a website to look good, be functional, and be up and running ASAP, then Squarespace is a fantastic option. It’s designed for people who need a great site, but may not have the time or expertise to build one solo from scratch.


Squarespace comes with a number of packages and pricing plans to choose from, for every level of website creation. This includes a Personal plan for $12 per month, a Business plan for $18 per month, a Commerce plan for $26 per month, and an Advanced Commerce plan for $40 per month. Keep in mind that if you choose to pay for a full annual subscription, instead of paying monthly, you can save up to 30%.


Can I use an old domain name?

Yes, Squarespace allows you to transfer an existing domain.

Is this only for ecommerce sites?

While definitely geared towards e-commerce, Squarespace allows for all sorts of websites to be created.

What kind of customers use Squarespace?

Some of the customer types that use Squarespace include small business owners, retailers, artists, photographers, restaurant owners, musicians, wedding service providers, and bloggers.


Squarespace is undoubtedly one of the largest and most popular DIY website design providers out there. It doesn’t cost much to use, it comes with literally everything somebody might need to create and run a site, and it can work wonders for designing a profitable e-commerce site as well.

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