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Vlogging is the new blogging! Video marketing is an extremely effective way of building a brand, growing an audience, and engaging new customers. If you’re yet to incorporate video marketing into your digital advertising strategy, you’re not really doing yourself or your brand any favors.

But where should you start? You’ve guessed it! The mighty YouTube, as it’s a platform that combines the features of a search engine and social media marketing under one roof.

However, managing and optimizing a successful YouTube channel isn’t a five-finger exercise, and that’s where TubeBuddy comes in.

Tubebuddy is a powerful browser extension that’s packed with an array of features that can help you expand, manage, and optimize your YouTube channel so that you make the most out of the platform. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the tool in this TubeBuddy review.

Overview of TubeBuddy

So, what is TubeBuddy, exactly? It’s a certified YouTube SEO browser extension that integrates seamlessly into YouTube’s dashboard. Once integrated, you simply enter your login information and voila, your YouTube dashboard is upgraded and equipped with a host of new features!

With the aid of TubeBuddy’s features and a bit of hard work on your end, you’ll be able to boost your channel’s numbers dramatically, which translates to increased earnings. It’ll help automate several video marketing tasks, ensuring upscaled input and the yielding of improved results.

One of the reasons why TubeBuddy is so popular is that it gives you access to its functions from within your regular YouTube dashboard, meaning that you don’t have to familiarize yourself with an entirely new platform. You’ll be able to enrich and oversee your video campaign in one place.

Is TubeBuddy safe? Like we’ve just stated, TubeBuddy is a certified SEO tool, meaning that it’s 100% safe. And not only is it safe, but it’s also exceedingly easy to use, as it doesn’t require any sort of technical expertise. It does offer a ton of features, but every feature is easy to grasp.

TubeBuddy Features

Due to the impressive number of features that TubeBuddy offers, your first time using it can be a bit overwhelming. This section of the article attempts to break down all of TubeBuddy’s features.

Quick-Edit Toolbar

Editing more than one YouTube video at a time can be a time-consuming affair, as you’ll have to switch from one individual video to the other to make the needed modifications. The TubeBuddy extension allows you to select and edit multiple videos with ease using the quick-edit toolbar.

After you’re done reworking one of your YouTube videos, the TubeBuddy notification toolbar will populate on the right-hand side of your computer screen, displaying the thumbnails of videos on the same list that the video you’ve edited is on. Simply click on a thumbnail and start editing.

Best Time to Publish

As the name implies, this is a function that automatically works out the best time to publish your video content. Publishing your content based on the information displayed by this function helps you achieve the best possible engagement with audiences. The feature is super time-accurate!

Video A/B Testing

A/B split testing is an essential analytical tool, even for publishing video content. Basically, it’s a feature that allows you to create different variations of your video content based on a number of aspects such as video titles, thumbnails, tags, and more, ensuring the best possible results.

To put it differently, the A/B split-testing functionality will help provide you with feedback on all of your YouTube videos as well as suggest changes that you can make to boost those videos. This will help save a lot of optimization time that you can now invest in doing other productive tasks.

Embedding Options

If you have any experience with YouTube marketing, you’re probably well aware that YouTube’s embedding options are fairly limited for both videos and playlists. Using TubeBuddy for Chrome, you’ll be able to make use of numerous embedding options to boost your marketing campaign.

TubeBuddy allows you to alter the appearance of your embedded YouTube videos. In addition, it ensures automatic looping. To add, TubeBuddy allows you to enable JavaScript API and disable play controls. Another option that it offers is inserting force-closed captioning in your videos.

Advanced Analytics

TubeBuddy Videolytics is a suite of advanced analytics tools that help you inspect the tags and rankings of videos that aren’t yours. Put differently, it allows you to spy on other people’s videos so that you can use the tags they’re using in your videos in order to garner similar traction.

Bulk Processing

This is one of TubeBuddy’s most time-saving features, as it enables you to modify aspects such as titles, descriptions, and thumbnails in bulk. In addition, you can use it to change cards in bulk. And if you’re having a hard time updating end screens in bulk, this feature can help.

This is an exceedingly useful functionality if your YouTube channel is home for a vast number of videos that you’d like to update in bulk. Maybe you’d like to update the description area for each of your videos to include new sponsorship information, a new website you’re using, or others.

Would you rather click on every single video in your library to rework them one at a time? No? Well, with the aid of TubeBuddy’s bulk-processing functionality, you won’t have to. This function won’t just help save you a ton of precious time, but also earn a few extra bucks on the side.

Tag-Related Tools

This Chrome extension is packed with a few tag-related features that are extremely useful, one of which is the tag explorer. As the name implies, it allows you to find the best possible tags for your YouTube videos. Using the right tags will help you rank higher in YouTube’s search results.

Tag lists is another tag-related functionality that enables you to make a list of tags that you can use at a later time so that you won’t have to type them manually when the time comes. There’s also the tag sorter, which enables you to sort numerous YouTube tags based on their weight.

Channel-Related Tools

The TubeBuddy Chrome extension enables you to grant other people access to your YouTube account securely. This is much-needed if you’re a social media manager that wants to share a few milestones or if you’re backed by a small team that’s helping you manage your channel.

Additionally, TubeBuddy offers a functionality that allows you to backup your channel. Basically, it stores all of your metadata so that if something was to happen to your channel, you’ll be able to recover it. Lastly, the channel valuation tool indicates how much to charge for sponsorships.

Health Report

Simply put, this is a feature that helps you take a closer look at how your channel is performing. Using this feature, you’ll be able to discern between what’s working and what isn’t based on the demographics of your audience. It shows vital info such as search traffic, watch time, and more.

Canned Responses

Addressing the comments on your YouTube videos can be time-consuming, especially if you’re writing the same responses over and over again. You can use TubeBuddy’s canned responses feature in order to set up responses to questions that are frequently asked in your comments.

If you’re worried about coming across as a robot to your commenters, TubeBuddy allows you to add a little bit of personalization in your responses by utilizing shortcodes. In a nutshell, it helps address each commenter by their name so that there’s some sort of personalization involved.

Thumbnail Generator

Creating thumbnails isn’t necessarily a time-consuming affair, but it can be if you’re critical about it. Utilizing TubeBuddy’s thumbnail generator, you’ll be able to save templates in order to create professional thumbnails in no time. This feature also helps ensure brand consistency.

It’s also worth mentioning that TubeBuddy features a GIF generator, which, as you might have guessed, helps you create GIFs that you can use in your uploads. Almost all tasks that have to do with video optimization can be automated or at the very least simplified using TubeBuddy.

Auto Translator

If your brand is fixated on an international audience, you’d be happy to know that using the auto translator feature, you can rest assured that viewers can read everything from the tags and titles of your videos to their descriptions conveniently in their native language. Definitely a plus!

Publish to Facebook

Another neat feature that this Google Chrome extension flaunts is the ability to publish videos to Facebook, be it on your personal profile or your business page. This spares you from the hassle of having to copy-paste the video’s URL or re-uploading the video entirely on Facebook.

This TubeBuddy functionality allows you to upload video content as native Facebook videos, not as YouTube videos. Facebook is the most eminent social media platform as of today, so it would be unwise not to take advantage of it and its video-related features such as auto-playing.

Card Templates

Cards are pretty much YouTube’s variant of CTA (call to action) buttons. Cards are embedded in videos and tend to pop up near the end of a YouTube video. If you’re making use of cards, you’ll find yourself using the same set of cards on all of your YouTube uploads over and over again.

Utilizing TubeBuddy, you can save your card templates so that they’re ready to go whenever it’s time to embed them. It’s worth mentioning that the same functionality is available for end screen templates. You can even pair this functionality with bulk processing for more convenience.

Comment Filter

As you continue using TubeBuddy, you’ll see your YouTube channel growing exponentially over time, which translates to an increased number of comments on every video. It’s nifty and all, but what if you’re trying to find certain comments? Are you going to scan every single comment?

Don’t worry! All you have to do is use TubeBuddy’s comment filter functionality in order to get to the comments you’re looking for, including the ones that are in the form of questions, comments with disabled replies, comments containing profanity, positive or negative comments, and more.

Best Practice Audit

Of course, it’s essential that you comply with all of YouTube’s guidelines in order to ensure zero loss in revenue. TubeBuddy makes it easier for users to check whether or not their uploads are complying with these guidelines or not, preventing the deletion of your YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy Pricing

Before we discuss TubeBuddy’s paid packages, we’d like to inform you that TubeBuddy boasts a free plan that will help you grow your YouTube channel without wasting one penny. Of course, the free plan isn’t as extensive as the paid ones, but it still offers a great deal of convenience.

One of the functions that are missing in the free package is the ability to post YouTube uploads as native Facebook videos. The bulk-processing functionality is also missing. Moreover, the tag explorer isn’t very comprehensive. Nevertheless, it’s an ideal package for beginner YouTubers.

Paid Packages:

  • TubeBuddy Pro: The Pro plan starts at $9 per month. It grants you access to all of the features that have to do video optimization and increased productivity. Further, you get unlimited access to TubeBuddy Mobile, allowing you to use the tool on your phone.
  • TubeBuddy Star: This plan will set you back $19 per month. You’ll have access to all of the features present in the Pro plan, in addition to the bulk-processing feature as well as other time-saving functionalities. You also get unlimited access to TubeBuddy Mobile.
  • TubeBuddy Legend: This is TubeBuddy’s top-tier pricing plan and it grants you access to all of the tool’s features. It’s a bit costly, though, at $49 per month. Like all TubeBuddy pricing packages, the Legend package grants you access to TubeBuddy Mobile.

TubeBuddy Alternatives

TubeBuddy isn’t the only YouTube SEO tool that can help you grow your channel. In this section of our TubeBuddy review, we’ll shed light on a few of the best available TubeBuddy alternatives.


SEOChat is a suite of free SEO tools that you can use for a wide range of purposes. Using it for YouTube will help populate salient keyword suggestions that you can use for your video content. If you subscribe to the paid pricing package, you gain access to keyword search volumes.


VidIQ is one of the most popular SEO browser plugins, but it’s not just an SEO tool. VidIQ helps enrich your video titles, descriptions, and tags. VidIQ’s keyword recommendations are based on more than one channel. It actually displays keywords that are used in other related videos.


Tubics is another SEO analysis tool that syncs your video content metadata and offers you a lot of keyword suggestions and search volumes that you can use to grow your channel. Also, you’ll be able to track your channel’s ranking performance as well as its overall SERP visibility.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is an extremely versatile web-based platform for suggesting keywords for Google, Amazon, and YouTube, to name a few. The free version of Keyword Tool offers you access to a limited number of keywords, questions that include the specified keyword, and a useful filter.


While all of the above-mentioned tools flaunt a free version, VideoCents only offers paid service. It starts at $95, which is pretty steep, but it’s equipped with an array of convenient tools that can help you pinpoint high-traffic, low-competition niches as well as garner tons of organic views.


TubeBuddy might be a browser extension that doesn’t exceed the 30MB mark, but it’s definitely one that your channel can make substantial use of.  We recommend that you start with the free pricing plan. Once you start seeing results, you can then start to use TubeBuddy’s paid plans.

Hopefully, with the aid of the information provided in this TubeBuddy review, you’ve managed to form a solid understanding of how TubeBuddy can help you manage and optimize your channel. If you have any questions regarding the topic of this article, please feel free to let us know.

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