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Considering the fact that Amazon is currently the epicenter of e-commerce, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that there are over a couple of million active Amazon merchants, which helps paint a picture of how fierce the competition is, especially if you’re a beginner Amazon seller.

However, there are several software and tools that are meant to help strengthen your marketing ingenuity and make the process of selling products way easier, and Viral Launch is one of those tools. This Viral Launch review attempts to cover everything you need to know about the tool.

Overview of Viral Launch

In simple terms, Viral Launch is a suite of Amazon seller solutions that enable merchants to gain maximum profits by optimizing their sales. You can view Viral Launch as a software that you can resort to whenever you need reliable, in-depth Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) insights.

With the aid of Viral Launch, you’re going to notice an exponential improvement in your Amazon sales, as promised by the developers. But how does Viral Launch work, exactly? Well, it’s a tool that flaunts impressive deep data integration with Amazon, serving as your personal insider.

Basically, this tool enables you to assess your market and pinpoint new opportunities, keep tabs on the progress of your Amazon business, and optimize your product listings. Additionally, using Viral Launch, you’ll always be informed about your competitors and their marketing initiatives.

Like we’ve just mentioned, Viral Launch is a tool that combines a ton of miscellaneous tools and features into a streamlined, all-in-one system. All of Viral Launch’s functions work in unison with only one intent, which is to optimize your sales and push you to the zenith of your FBA niche.

Viral Launch Features

Shedding light on all of Viral Launch’s functions is beyond the scope of this article, so we’re only going to cover the tool’s most notable features and refer to the less eminent ones along the way.

Dynamic Platform

Viral Launch is accessible in two forms: the Viral Launch Chrome extension and the web-based dashboard. The Chrome extension is the lighter and simpler option of the two. In order to utilize it, simply head to the Chrome Web Store, download the Viral Launch extension, and integrate it.

There are plenty of tasks that you can perform using the Chrome extension such as conducting extensive market research. Such research will help you gather vital information, including sales numbers, monthly sales, monthly revenue, previous trends, and other useful intelligence.

Utilizing the information presented by Viral Launch, you’ll be able to pinpoint profitable products within your marketplace. One of the great things about the extension is that it’ll always populate practical intelligence and insights as you’re browsing through your Amazon marketplace.

Another thing we’re quite fond of is how well-designed the extension’s interface is. It’s very easy to use and navigate, granting you almost-immediate access to sales estimates and analytics. All of its features are pretty straightforward and won’t require much of your time to figure out.

However, being the simpler form of Viral Launch, don’t expect the extension to be equipped with all of the tool’s functionalities. It can be extremely useful when it comes to product discovery and collecting intelligence. Apart from that, you’ll have to resort to the web-based dashboard.

The web-based version is comparatively comprehensive, giving you access to all of the features that Viral Launch has to offer. However, keep in mind that Viral Launch is a paid provider, so the number of features that you’ll be granted access to will boil down to your pricing package.

As a beginner, you should start utilizing the Chrome extension before thinking about switching to the web-based version so that you get the lay of the land first as the number of features found in the web-based version can be quite overwhelming no matter how intuitive the platform is.

Viral Launch’s web-based variant is composed of two main columns. The first one is home to all of the platform’s features and tools, whereas the second column is dedicated to displaying extra services you can subscribe to. There are also tutorials for simplifying the onboarding process.

Product Discovery

You may have a bulletproof marketing strategy, but without selling the right Amazon product, it’s going to be hard for your Amazon business to garner any notable success. Product discovery is one of Viral Launch’s strong selling points, as it helps you find new products that are in demand.

Viral Launch’s product discovery function doesn’t just scan for in-demand products, it also takes into consideration other factors such as potential profit margins and level of competition. Also, it analyzes aspects like brands, categories, reviews, sales volumes, number of sellers, and more.

All of the data provided by the Viral Launch product discovery feature comes from the deep data integration between the tool and Amazon itself, so rest assured that it’s legit, real-time acumens. It’s also possible to filter the provided results based on various concurrent parameters.

The tool also features an idea-validation system that automatically prioritizes certain parameters for optimal search results. It also grants you the ability to display projected profits as well as the upfront capital required for each product launch, so it’s not just about sales estimates.

In addition, you can set Viral Launch to notify you whenever it picks up on new products that are trending. All of these capabilities might be a lot to take in, but thanks to the easy-to-use interface and clutter-free arrangement, it’ll be easy for you to get the hang of things in no time at all.

Keyword Research

In addition to efficient product discovery, Viral Launch features a powerful keyword research tool that helps you find specific phrases that you can use to target a specific audience as well as get to the top of the search ranks. How does it do that? Using Amazon’s very own search data.

Viral Launch is equipped with an effective AI system that scans Amazon’s search data and runs analysis on its search patterns in order to gauge the impact that certain keywords have. Further, Viral Launch updates its keyword data on a weekly basis since search queries change rapidly.

Not only does Viral Launch populate eminent terms in your niche, but it also displays terms that your competitors are ranking for as well as numerous variants of these terms. Parameters such as search volume and the number of listings per each keyword are taken into consideration.

The “Opportunity Score” column will help indicate the competition levels across different niches based on the previously-mentioned parameters, making it easier for you to gauge opportunities. The keyword research tool can also provide PPC keywords that can help with ad assessment.

The number of keywords that the keyword feature populates can be quite overwhelming, which is why it’s equipped with a convenient filter with a bunch of different filtering parameters. You’re also allowed to copy populated keywords to your clipboard or download them in CSV format.

Competitor Intelligence 

As the name implies, this is a functionality that enables you to spy on your competitors. To put it simply, Viral Launch surveys the performance levels of the competitors in your niche, and then it notifies whenever the search rankings change, be it in your favor or your competitors’ favor.

The competitor intelligence feature also allows you to unveil the keywords that your competitors are using, and we’re not just talking about ranking keywords, but also high-volume keywords as well as unused or underutilized terms, giving you a very quick push to the top of your niche.

Apart from offering you intelligence that can help you climb the ladder of success much quicker than your competitors, the competitor intelligence tool will help you stay at the top of the ladder by monitoring your competitors’ strategies and notifying you of any noteworthy changes.

What’s more, this functionality will help you observe your competitors’ number of sales as well as product pricing, placements, reviews, and a lot more so that you remain one step ahead of the curve. With this tool at your disposal, your competitors won’t even know what hit them.

Market Intelligence

When it comes to collecting practical information about your market, the market intelligence tool is a powerful ally. Remember when we stated that all of Viral Launch’s functions work in unison? Well, they all work in unison to feed the market intelligence feature with real-time figures.

Based on the info that the market intelligence function receives from other Viral Launch tools, it presents the user with a convenient flow of intelligence that revolves around new market trends, from estimated product profits to the estimated upfront investment, just to name a few.

It’s also worth pointing out that the insights provided by the market intelligence function doesn’t only cover contemporary trends on Amazon, but also sheds light on historical trends as well as future predictions that are based on built-in, prediction algorithms that are quite effective.

This functionality can also help you gauge whether or not a new product idea is worthwhile. It’s all about providing the smart algorithm with accurate inquiries in order for it to present you with accurate results. All in all, Viral Launch offers an optimal way of surveying the marketplace.

Listing Analyzer

The listing analyzer feature is one of three functionalities that work inseparably in order to offer you the best possible results. The other two functionalities are the keyword manager and listing builder. The former offers an in-depth keyword analysis revolving around a certain product.

The latter, which is the listing builder, helps you create optimized product listings with the aid of prominent terms and metrics like opportunity scores and search volumes. The final piece of the puzzle is the listing analyzer, which helps estimate the potential of your product’s success.

Not only that, but the listing analyzer is also capable of comparing your own product listings with the product listings built by competitors within your niche. Using the listing analyzer feature, you will find it easy to discern whether or not your product is comparatively lacking in conversions.

A/B Split Testing

Viral Launch’s split testing tool enables you to run tests on anything from product titles and price points to product descriptions and image variations. The results provided by this feature will help you figure out which adoptable combination ensures better traffic and higher conversions.

Moreover, Viral Launch will provide you with a comprehensive analysis as well as a step-by-step guide on how you can produce successful product listings, allowing you to generate more clicks, sessions, and conversions, which, in turn, will result in an increased number of product sales.

What’s more, Viral Launch presents advanced analytics in the form of highly engaging statistics and graphs, making it easier for you to pinpoint all available sales-driven options for each of the elements on your product listings. Using Viral Launch, you won’t miss any lucrative opportunity.

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch isn’t the most budget-friendly tool out there, with its starter plan costing $59/month. However, it does offer a ton of convenience that makes it worth every penny. Moreover, it has a 14-day free trial period, so you can take it for a test drive before committing to any of its plans.

Viral Launch offers four different pricing packages that you can subscribe to. In addition, it offers both monthly and yearly payment models. The yearly pricing model will help save you a notable amount of money, ranging from $10 to $30 less than what you’d pay on the monthly model.

Apart from the considerable amount of money that you’d be saving if you subscribe to the yearly payment model, you’ll also be offered an additional 2-month Viral Launch free trial period, which is lacking in the monthly payment model. Now, let’s take a look at the tool’s pricing packages.

Pricing Plans:

  • Beginner: Viral Launch’s beginner plan will set you back $59/month or $50/year. This is an excellent plan for novice entrepreneurs who are just starting out with selling products on Amazon. The Beginner plan is comparatively limited, offering only three features.
  • Pro: Are you trying to accelerate your sales in a short period of time? The Pro plan is an optimal option for you. It’ll set you back $99/month or $84/year, but it’ll offer you triple the number of features that the beginner plan offers, with only two features being absent.
  • Brand Builder: Valued at $149/month or $125/year, the Brand Builder plan is perfect for those with already-established brands that are trying to get to the top of their niche. This plan offers the same number of features as the Pro, but with twice the number of uses.
  • Kinetic: Kinetic is Viral Launch’s top-tier pricing package, and it’s valued at $199/month or $166/year. This plan is intended for leading merchants that want to leverage PPC and organic profits. Keep in mind that Kinetic’s pricing is fixed for a single storefront only.

Final Thoughts

So, is Viral Launch worth it? In terms of product discovery and product launch, Viral Launch is a highly capable tool. Not to mention its user-friendly browser extension, robust keyword research tool, and its array of supplementary services. But beyond the product launch stage, it’s lacking.

We’d highly recommend Viral Launch for aspiring Amazon sellers as well as leading sellers who are trying to get to the summit of their niche quicker. Starting at $50, Viral Launch might be a bit steep for a typical Amazon merchant, but it’ll most definitely offer you your money’s worth.

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