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Building an e-commerce website is no easy feat, and that’s true no matter what you are looking to sell. You’ve got to choose the right domain, choose a theme, organize the site into categories, select products to sell, set up payment portals, and more. It can be challenging, but that being said, there are some website-building tools that can help make life a lot easier. Volusion is one of these website-building tools, something designed for making stellar e-commerce websites.

What Volusion Does

As touched on above, Volusion is an all-in-one e-commerce website-building tool. It’s designed for people who need a bit of help getting started, or for those who don’t want to spend weeks coding and a ton of money hiring somebody to do it. Volusion allows you to choose everything, every step of the way, whether it’s the website theme, the images, products, coupons, and more. Simply put, it’s an all-in-one e-commerce store building solution that lets you get your site up and running in as little time as possible.

How Volusion Works

It’s not really all that complicated, because what Volusion does is to simply provide you with everything you need to get started. You get literally dozens of features to work with, and they all work towards building a bigger and better website than you ever thought possible. It allows to choose your domain, choose the look of your site, choose what you want to sell, and how you want to sell it too. It’s all very highly customizable, which is a big benefit indeed.

Features of Volusion

Volusion comes with a a lot of features worth mentioning, so let’s see if we can’t list the most important ones.

Creating Your Site

The first set of features you get are those which help you create your website. These features, more or less, have to do with the way your website is going to look.

  • You can choose from a variety of responsive themes, both for mobile and desktop
  • The navigation editor lets you choose from a variety of navigation styles
  • There is the ability to produce a slideshow for the home page
  • The rich content editor allows you to make changes on the fly without back end coding
  • There are tons of product category pages to choose from
  • Choose or make personalized logos
  • The ability to make your own custom domain

Selling Your Goods

The next set of features are all about selling your goods and getting them to the world.

  • Fully functional product pages with info, pictures, and more
  • Product display customization
  • PCI certified checkouts with 99% uptime guarantee
  • Unique vendor codes for easy organization and inventory management
  • Easily allows for the processing of orders
  • Recurring pricing tool for products sold often
  • Related products feature to entice customers to shop around
  • Gateway and payment processing
  • Many shipping options
  • Barcode generator
  • Easy to use inventory and stock management tools
  • Customer review management
  • Ability to manage your online store from your smartphone
  • Define currency
  • Easily set up warehouse locations
  • Manage returns

Growing Your Business

  • The final set of features you get with Volusion is all about allowing you to grow your business
  • Powerful SEO to increase traffic and viewership
  • ROI tracking to see what your returns look like at any given time
  • Ability to generate and manage store gift cards
  • Easy sitemap indexing
  • High quality newsletters
  • Create reports about live cards, abandoned carts, purchases, and more
  • Sell on Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and more
  • Linking and management of social accounts
  • Creating discounts and deals of the day.

As you can see, through all 3 features categories, Volusion comes with everything required to build a professional and stunning site without much work. It’s all about making a great-looking site that actually works, and of course, helping you sell products.

Who Volusion is Best Suited For

As you might be able to tell by now, Volusion is a fully comprehensive and fully inclusive e-commerce website building tool, and really, it’s one that is suitable for anyone who wants to create a really good-looking, easy-to-navigate, and fully responsive e-commerce site. This is intended more for people who are going to be selling their own products and stock, and for people who are going to have their own warehouses, but it could also be used by third-party sellers as well. The bottom line is that Volusion is ideal for anybody who quickly wants to create a beautiful, functional, and profitable e-commerce site without having to do much work, especially coding. It’s made for people who don’t want to have to deal with coding.


There are 4 different option plans that you can choose from. These include the personal plan for $29 monthly, the professional plan for $79 monthly, the business plan for $299 monthly, and the custom plan, where the price is decided by the features you choose. One thing to remember with Volusion is that you will save 10% if you sign up for any of the annual plans.


Is there Amazon integration and does it cost extra?

Yes, Volusion has full Amazon integration, and no, it will not cost you anything extra.

Can I have multiple websites under one merchant account?

No, you may only have one storefront per merchant account.

Does Volusion process orders if I live outside of the US?

Volusion payment is at this time not available to people living outside of the US.


As can be seen, besides several small drawbacks, Volusion appears to be one of the simplest and most affordable e-commerce website-building tools out there. Not only is it comparatively affordable, but also very comprehensive. As far as the eye can see, it comes with everything required to create and operate a fully functional sales site.

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